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cd12344: RRM1_SECp43_like 
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RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) found in tRNA selenocysteine-associated protein 1 (SECp43) and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM1 in tRNA selenocysteine-associated protein 1 (SECp43), yeast negative growth regulatory protein NGR1 (RBP1), yeast protein NAM8, and similar proteins. SECp43 is an RNA-binding protein associated specifically with eukaryotic selenocysteine tRNA [tRNA(Sec)]. It may play an adaptor role in the mechanism of selenocysteine insertion. SECp43 is located primarily in the nucleus and contains two N-terminal RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), also termed RBDs (RNA binding domains) or RNPs (ribonucleoprotein domains), and a C-terminal polar/acidic region. Yeast proteins, NGR1 and NAM8, show high sequence similarity with SECp43. NGR1 is a putative glucose-repressible protein that binds both RNA and single-stranded DNA (ssDNA). It may function in regulating cell growth in early log phase, possibly through its participation in RNA metabolism. NGR1 contains three RRMs, two of which are followed by a glutamine-rich stretch that may be involved in transcriptional activity. In addition, NGR1 has an asparagine-rich region near the C-terminus which also harbors a methionine-rich region. NAM8 is a putative RNA-binding protein that acts as a suppressor of mitochondrial splicing deficiencies when overexpressed in yeast. It may be a non-essential component of the mitochondrial splicing machinery. NAM8 also contains three RRMs.
PSSM-Id: 409780
Aligned: 14 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 98.1465
Created: 13-Sep-2011
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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2DIV_A        11 SLWMGDLEPYM----DENFISRAFAtmge-tvmSVKIIRNRLTGip---------------------------------- 51  human
P32831        35 TLWMGDLDPSF----DEATIEEIWSkld--kkvIVKLIRAKKNLlipcsstsssnnntseenaenqqsasnstdqldnsq 108 Saccharomyces c...
ADY47621      11 TLWMGDLSPEW----DSAYITEAFArmge-evtNVKIVFDKYTTkq---------------------------------- 51  pig roundworm
EGD76347      51 TLWMGDLERDM----GEAEIMDAFQvygf-tptLVRVIQKVTRGret--------------------------------- 92  Salpingoeca sp....
XP_002681513   2 TLWMGDLDDSM----DDEYVKKLFAndirpsinSVKIIKDRNTGks---------------------------------- 43  Naegleria grube...
XP_966276     24 TLWVGDLEKIKdevvDENYILYCMFyefaediiRIKLCKEKSNQk----------------------------------- 68  Plasmodium falc...
EEH51251      14 TLWIGDLGYWM----DEAYLHQCFAsvg--gvaSVKIIRNKQTGys---------------------------------- 53  Micromonas pusi...
EEY56147       7 TLWMGDIQMHW----DEAFITSLFSsaa--eqpVVKLIRDKVTGyp---------------------------------- 46  Phytophthora in...
EAS02100       8 TLWVGDIENWM----TEQFIESVFNkvg--kvvSVKLIRTKETSlp---------------------------------- 47  Tetrahymena the...
EIE18010      12 TLWMGDLAYWM----DESFIYSIFVgtg--nlvSVKIIRNKNTAvs---------------------------------- 51  Coccomyxa sp. C...
2DIV_A        52 -------------------aGYCFVEFADlaTAEKCLHkiNGKPLPGatp-----------akRFKLNYATYS 94  human
P32831       109 miningisfidpsttqlhhaGYCFVEFETqkDAKFALSl-NATPLPNfyspttnsqtnptfkrTFRLNWASGA 180 Saccharomyces cerevisi...
ADY47621      52 -------------------aGYCFVEFPDqeAARRAMLhiNGKIIPKskp-----------aaAFNLSFANSP 94  pig roundworm
EGD76347      93 ------------------saGYCFISFATveEATNALNhmNGQPIPStqp-----------trIFYLNWACQQ 136 Salpingoeca sp. ATCC50818
XP_002681513  44 -------------------iGYGFVEFASieIAKAVLEsyAGKPIPTlp------------nkIYRLNWAAQN 85  Naegleria gruberi stra...
XP_966276     69 -------------------nSYAFIEFSTyeVAKYCFEklNGKWIPGka-------------hRFKLNWAKYN 109 Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
EEH51251      54 -------------------eGYGFVEMCDraTAEHALRalNGTQMPNaq-------------qNYRLNWASFG 94  Micromonas pusilla CCM...
EEY56147      47 -------------------aGYGFLEFPTqqGAQQVLEtlNGQLIPNtm-------------hRFRMNWGAGG 87  Phytophthora infestans...
EAS02100      48 -------------------aGYCFVEFQTheQAERILMnyNQQLIPGtq-------------nTFRMNWGKNP 88  Tetrahymena thermophila
EIE18010      52 -------------------eGYGFVEFATheAAEQVLRtfNGCPIPNtd-------------qIFRLNWAAFG 92  Coccomyxa sp. C-169
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