Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd12315: RRM1_RBM19_MRD1 
RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) found in RNA-binding protein 19 (RBM19), yeast multiple RNA-binding domain-containing protein 1 (MRD1) and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM1 of RBM19 and MRD1. RBM19, also termed RNA-binding domain-1 (RBD-1), is a nucleolar protein conserved in eukaryotes. It is involved in ribosome biogenesis by processing rRNA and is essential for preimplantation development. It has a unique domain organization containing 6 conserved RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), also termed RBDs (RNA binding domains) or RNPs (ribonucleoprotein domains). MRD1 is encoded by a novel yeast gene MRD1 (multiple RNA-binding domain). It is well-conserved in yeast and its homologs exist in all eukaryotes. MRD1 is present in the nucleolus and the nucleoplasm. It interacts with the 35 S precursor rRNA (pre-rRNA) and U3 small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs). It is essential for the initial processing at the A0-A2 cleavage sites in the 35 S pre-rRNA. MRD1 contains 5 conserved RRMs, which may play an important structural role in organizing specific rRNA processing events.
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Sequence Alignment
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Q9Y4C8         2 SRLIVKNLPngmKEERFRQLFaaf---------------gtLTDCSLKftkd-----------gkfRKFGFIGFKSeEEA 55   human
Q06106         2 SRIIVKGLPvylTDDNLREHFtkrlrqkhshqavngsgpdlITDVKILrdrn-----------gesRRFGFIGYRNeEDA 70   Saccharomyces ...
P0CR17        24 SRLIFLNLPstlNPDTFRKTLlspat----------lksttITDTKLVp----------------kRRFAFVGYKDaEEA 77   Cryptococcus n...
XP_001609703   7 TRLLIKNLPlslDEAQTQRLIsqkck----------digleFTDCKLLtksgkgktksilgdetvsRGLCFVGFADeADA 76   Babesia bovis ...
Q9Y4C8        56 QKAQKHFNksf-idtSRITVEFC 77   human
Q06106        71 FDAVEYFNgsf-intSKIEVSMA 92   Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c
P0CR17        78 QKVKEWFDgtyafggGKVKVDFV 100  Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans B-3501A
XP_001609703  77 TKFKDFYNgty-fraAKVTIEYS 98   Babesia bovis T2Bo
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