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cd12289: RRM_LARP6 
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RNA recognition motif (RRM) found in La-related protein 6 (LARP6) and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM of LARP6, also termed Acheron (Achn), a novel member of the lupus antigen (La) family. It is expressed predominantly in neurons and muscle in vertebrates. LARP6 functions as a key regulatory protein that may play a role in mediating a variety of developmental and homeostatic processes in animals, including myogenesis, neurogenesis and possibly metastasis. LARP6 binds to Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent serine protein kinase (CASK), and forms a complex with inhibitor of differentiation transcription factors. It is structurally related to the La autoantigen and contains a La motif (LAM), nuclear localization and export (NLS and NES) signals, and an RNA recognition motif (RRM), also termed RBD (RNA binding domain) or RNP (ribonucleoprotein domain).
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Created: 10-Feb-2012
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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2MTG_A          8 KMLLVYDLYlspklwalatp----qkngrvqekvMEHLLKLFg---tFGVISSVRILKPGRELPPDIRRIssrysQVGTQ 80   human
AAX33496      373 RTIVACDLPldk--------------------ltIEKVSDLFs---pCGEIALIRILKPGMAIPVDVRQFmnkypELQQK 429  fruit fly
XP_002590819 1170 RTIVAMNLGven--------------------ptIEKVSAMFs---hCGEIALIRIIRPGGMIPQDVRKHmsrhpELGNN 1226 Florida lancelet
XP_002741728  194 RTIVAVNLPmqe--------------------psIEAVADLFs---kCGDIALIRILRPGKSLPQDVKKHqnqhpELGKT 250  Saccoglossus ...
NP_001089711  189 KMLLVYDLHfipelnclgke----qenggmqekiMEHLLKSFg---aFGVISSIRILKPGRDLPSDVKRFssrysQVGTK 261  African clawe...
EFX68521      193 RTVVAIGLAvdk--------------------asIEGVVEMFngvvpQGAIGLIRILRPGNTIPPDVRQCanrhqDILTS 252  common water ...
NP_956197     170 RMLLLSELKrwpelgialggdsnngsgptqqerlMELLLKAFg---nYGPIASVRVLKPGKDLPADLKKLsgrysQLGTE 246  zebrafish
CCD82795      122 RTIILSEFPens-------------------nvtVESIQEFFtm--nGHPPSLVRVLFPNRKIPSDLKRSqilhsQLGVK 180  Schistosoma m...
Q9BRS8        184 KMLLVYDLYlspklwalatp----qkngrvqekvMEHLLKLFg---tFGVISSVRILKPGRELPPDIRRIssrysQVGTQ 256  human
XP_005987826  321 KMLLVYDTNlcpevqalske----nenggmqekiMEHLLKTFg---aCGVISSVRILKPGKDLPADVKRLsnrysQLGTK 393  coelacanth
2MTG_A         81 ECAIVEFEEvEAAIKAHEFMites-------qgkeNMKAVLIG 116  human
AAX33496      430 ECALVEYLEsSSARDARHLNgpfqvyemvapkkktGKKAAVIQ 472  fruit fly
XP_002590819 1227 VCAVVEFEKhESAQMSVDMMsakd-------dwrkGIHVALLA 1262 Florida lancelet
XP_002741728  251 VCALVEFEKsESARKAKELLsnkd-------dwrnGMHIAVLS 286  Saccoglossus kowalevskii
NP_001089711  262 DCAIVEFEEvEAAIKAHDTFnves-------dtedGLKVVLIG 297  African clawed frog
EFX68521      253 ICAVVEFEQaESARAVLKDAaal---------mpaGVKLVELA 286  common water flea
NP_956197     247 ECAIVEFEEvEAAMKAHEAVggegg-----nrgplGLKVVLIG 284  zebrafish
CCD82795      181 ICAVVEFPNrPDALKAINLSrsh----------wgKIYAYLLC 213  Schistosoma mansoni
Q9BRS8        257 ECAIVEFEEvEAAIKAHEFMites-------qgkeNMKAVLIG 292  human
XP_005987826  394 ECAIVEFEEvEAAIKAHECVgitk-------enegGMKVVLIG 429  coelacanth
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