Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd12245: RRM_scw1_like 
RNA recognition motif (RRM) found in yeast cell wall integrity protein scw1 and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM of the family including yeast cell wall integrity protein scw1, yeast Whi3 protein, yeast Whi4 protein and similar proteins. The strong cell wall protein 1, scw1, is a nonessential cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein that regulates septation and cell-wall structure in fission yeast. It may function as an inhibitor of septum formation, such that its loss of function allows weak SIN signaling to promote septum formation. It's RRM domain shows high homology to two budding yeast proteins, Whi3 and Whi4. Whi3 is a dose-dependent modulator of cell size and has been implicated in cell cycle control in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It functions as a negative regulator of ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal 3 (Cln3), a G1 cyclin that promotes transcription of many genes to trigger the G1/S transition in budding yeast. It specifically binds the CLN3 mRNA and localizes it into discrete cytoplasmic loci that may locally restrict Cln3 synthesis to modulate cell cycle progression. Moreover, Whi3 plays a key role in cell fate determination in budding yeast. The RRM domain is essential for Whi3 function. Whi4 is a partially redundant homolog of Whi3, also containing one RRM. Some uncharacterized family members of this subfamily contain two RRMs; their RRM1 shows high sequence homology to the RRM of RNA-binding protein with multiple splicing (RBP-MS)-like proteins.
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Created: 13-Sep-2011
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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O74452       424 PCNTIYVGNLPps-------tSEEELKVLFStqvGYKRLCFRtkg-----------------------------ngPMCF 467 fission yeast
EFX80516     184 PCSTLFVANLGqf-------vSEQELKELFGsfpGYCRLRMHnkg-----------------------------gaPVAF 227 common water flea
ADB57051      49 PCSTLFVANLGqf-------vSEHELKEVFSsmpGFCRLRMHtkamatatgsscstsngsgsssnsnhnsaavqqhPVAF 121 fruit fly
XP_002108108 204 VCSTLFVANLGrn-------iTDKELRDIFGrcvGFRRLRMHkkp----------------------------gfpTTAF 248 Trichoplax adha...
EGO28126     254 PINTLYVGNLPtvgggypsgyLEEALRDLFSrrsGYRKLCFRqks-----------------------------ngPMCF 304 Serpula lacryma...
EFN59142     176 PCNTLFIGNLGds-------vSEAEMRGLFGhqpGFQQLKLVrgq-----------------------------kgMSCF 219 Chlorella varia...
O59784       600 PCNTIYVGNLSnp-------dQEKKLRLAFSkekGYRRLCFKikg-----------------------------nsPMCF 643 Schizosaccharom...
Q07655       531 PCNTLYVGNLPpd-------aTEQELRQLFSnqqGFRRLSFRnkmnshgh-------------------gnghghgPICF 584 Saccharomyces c...
ABK25922     255 PCPTLFVANLGpt-------cSEEELTQVFSrcpGFLKLKMQiig-----------------------------elPVAF 298 Sitka spruce
NP_001118622 203 ACSTLFIANLGpn-------cTEDELKQLLSrypGFHILKIRarg-----------------------------gmPVAF 246 thale cress
O74452       468 VEFENIpYAMEALKNLQGvcls-----ssiKGGIRLSFSK 502 fission yeast
EFX80516     228 VEYADVrCAAQALISLQGtyll-----ssdRGGVRIEYAR 262 common water flea
ADB57051     122 IEFKDPpTASQAMQQLQGkyll-----ssdRGSIRIEFAR 156 fruit fly
XP_002108108 249 IEFANIqFATQALNALQGaiiq-----sseCGGIRIEYAR 283 Trichoplax adhaerens
EGO28126     305 VEFEDVsFATKALNELYGntls----glvkNGGIRLSYSK 340 Serpula lacrymans var. lacrymans S7.9
EFN59142     220 IEYADIpTAMAVHDAQQGails-----ssdRGGIRIQYSK 254 Chlorella variabilis
O59784       644 VEFEEVcHAAKAMEKMQGaald-----dkiKGGIRLSYSK 678 Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-
Q07655       585 VEFEDVsFATRALAELYGsqlphprpslnnKGGIRLSFSK 624 Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c
ABK25922     299 VDFQEItSSTQALNHLQNamll-----ssdRGGMRLQYAK 333 Sitka spruce
NP_001118622 247 ADFEEIeQATDAMNHLQGnlls-----ssdRGGMHIEYAR 281 thale cress
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