Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd12229: RRM_G3BP 
RNA recognition motif (RRM) found in ras GTPase-activating protein-binding protein G3BP1, G3BP2 and similar proteins
This subfamily corresponds to the RRM domain in the G3BP family of RNA-binding and SH3 domain-binding proteins. G3BP acts at the level of RNA metabolism in response to cell signaling, possibly as RNA transcript stabilizing factors or an RNase. Members include G3BP1, G3BP2 and similar proteins. These proteins associate directly with the SH3 domain of GTPase-activating protein (GAP), which functions as an inhibitor of Ras. They all contain an N-terminal nuclear transfer factor 2 (NTF2)-like domain, an acidic domain, a domain containing PXXP motif(s), an RNA recognition motif (RRM), and an Arg-Gly-rich region (RGG-rich region, or arginine methylation motif).
PSSM-Id: 409676
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Created: 14-Nov-2011
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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Q13283       337 PDSHQLFIGNLPhevdKSELKDFFq-sYGNVVELRINsgg---------klpNFGFVVFDDsEPVQKVLSNRPim----f 402 human
XP_002596175 314 PDSHQLFIGNLPhdinEDELKDHFa-hYGNVMELRINtksgg------grvpNFGFVVFDDpEPVQKILDSKPim----f 382 Florida lancelet
XP_002126535 332 PDNQQIFVGNLPidikEADLKNHFa-eFGNVLEVRINhshs--------nnpSFGFVIFESpSAVEKVLEIMPtq----y 398 Ciona intestinalis
ADF47452     282 PDEHQLFVGNLPqnmtEDELKDFFsekYGPVKDVRIQksrtsn---egkplpNFGFLVFHNhEVVEEILKNKPiy----- 353 Dugesia japonica
Q9UN86       328 PDSHQLFVGNLPhdidENELKEFFm-sFGNVVELRINtkgvg------gklpNFGFVVFDDsEPVQRILIAKPim----f 396 human
NP_524907    490 GDNQQLFLGNIPhhasEDDLREIFs-rFGNVLELRILskagnkvppgmrsplNYGFITYDDpEAVQKCLANCPlyfpens 568 fruit fly
EFX84675     424 DDNLQVFVGNIPhvttEEALKELFe-rFGPVLDVRIHgkngvra--aggrapLYAFVVFESpKAAEAALADKPml----- 495 common water flea
Q13283       403 rGEVRLNVEEKK 414 human
XP_002596175 383 rGEHRLNVEEKK 394 Florida lancelet
XP_002126535 399 kNNQRINIEEKK 410 Ciona intestinalis
ADF47452     354 ySAHRLNVEQKM 365 Dugesia japonica
Q9UN86       397 rGEVRLNVEEKK 408 human
NP_524907    569 pDGQKLNVEEKK 580 fruit fly
EFX84675     496 nGDHRLNVEPKR 507 common water flea
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