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cd08798: Death_NFkB2_p100 
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Death domain of the Nuclear Factor-KappaB2 precursor protein p100
Death Domain (DD) of the Nuclear Factor-KappaB2 (NF-kB2) precursor protein p100. The NF-kB family of transcription factors play a central role in cardiovascular growth, stress response, and inflammation by controlling the expression of a network of different genes. There are five NF-kB proteins, all containing an N-terminal REL Homology Domain (RHD). NF-kB2 (or p52) is produced from the processing of the precursor protein p100, which contains ANK repeats and a C-terminal DD in addition to the RHD. It is regulated by the non-canonical NF-kB pathway. The p100 precursor is cytosolic and interacts with RelB. Upon phosphorylation by IKKalpha, p100 is processed to its 52kDa active, DNA-binding form and the p52/RelB complex is translocated into the nucleus. The non-canonical pathway plays a role in adaptive immunity and lymphorganogenesis. In general, DDs are protein-protein interaction domains found in a variety of domain architectures. Their common feature is that they form homodimers by self-association or heterodimers by associating with other members of the DD superfamily including CARD (Caspase activation and recruitment domain), DED (Death Effector Domain), and PYRIN. They serve as adaptors in signaling pathways and can recruit other proteins into signaling complexes.
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Created: 18-Feb-2010
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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2D96_A        16 ALQNLEQLLDgpeaqGSWAELAERLg----LRSLVDTYRQTt---------SPSGSLLRSYELAg-------gDLAGLLE 75   human
1708618      781 ALQGLEQLLNqygsgSDWMELAKRLg----LCSLVETYKTT----------PSPASALRSYELPg-------gSLGGLLE 839  chicken
3116208      824 TVQRLEKLLNegqtgADWTELASRLr----LQSLVETYKNTs---------SPTESLLRNYELAg-------gNLKELIN 883  African clawed...
NP_001001840 794 VLSKLCGILIhd--dVPWRELAEKLg----MLTLTHLYQDSa---------SPCQKLLESYQLSg-------gPVDGLVE 851  zebrafish
CAG05087     712 TVSRLMDVLSdt--dVPWMKLAEKLgmktlTQLYVDTEAPCqhllqhykvtPPPGSHDPQTPDRslrvqlaggPVQVLIE 789  spotted green ...
2D96_A        76 ALSDMGlEEGVRLLRG 91   human
1708618      840 ALDSMGlRGAVRMLRK 855  chicken
3116208      884 TLQSMGlNEGVELLCK 899  African clawed frog
NP_001001840 852 ALQALGvREGVRLLRD 867  zebrafish
CAG05087     790 ALQDLGlSEGVRLLRT 805  spotted green pufferfish
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