Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd08378: C2B_MCTP_PRT_plant 
C2 domain second repeat found in Multiple C2 domain and Transmembrane region Proteins (MCTP); plant subset
MCTPs are involved in Ca2+ signaling at the membrane. Plant-MCTPs are composed of a variable N-terminal sequence, four C2 domains, two transmembrane regions (TMRs), and a short C-terminal sequence. It is one of four protein classes that are anchored to membranes via a transmembrane region; the others being synaptotagmins, extended synaptotagmins, and ferlins. MCTPs are the only membrane-bound C2 domain proteins that contain two functional TMRs. MCTPs are unique in that they bind Ca2+ but not phospholipids. C2 domains fold into an 8-standed beta-sandwich that can adopt 2 structural arrangements: Type I and Type II, distinguished by a circular permutation involving their N- and C-terminal beta strands. Many C2 domains are Ca2+-dependent membrane-targeting modules that bind a wide variety of substances including bind phospholipids, inositol polyphosphates, and intracellular proteins. Most C2 domain proteins are either signal transduction enzymes that contain a single C2 domain, such as protein kinase C, or membrane trafficking proteins which contain at least two C2 domains, such as synaptotagmin 1. However, there are a few exceptions to this including RIM isoforms and some splice variants of piccolo/aczonin and intersectin which only have a single C2 domain. C2 domains with a calcium binding region have negatively charged residues, primarily aspartates, that serve as ligands for calcium ions. This cd contains the second C2 repeat, C2B, and has a type-II topology.
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Threshold Bit Score: 157.86
Threshold Setting Gi: 22326585
Created: 12-Oct-2009
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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putative Ca2+
Feature 1:putative Ca2+ binding site [ion binding site]

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                              #                                                   # #    
ABR16393       17 YLYVRVVKARDLPAmdiggsCDPYVEVKVgnyKGTTKHFEkt-aNPVWKQVFAFSkdrt----pasFLEVVVKDKDlv-- 89   Sitka spruce
XP_002329776   39 FLYVRIVRANGLAVnnmtgtCDPFVELKIgnyKGITRCFEqt-sNPEWNEVYAFTrdrl----qggRLEILVRDKEsa-- 111  black cottonwood
NP_193741      47 FLYARIVRARALPV------NDSFVAVKIgsyKGRTKQILnsnpNPEFHETFAFTktrl----qgdILEVVVRNRDnp-- 114  thale cress
NP_199289      39 FLYIRIVKARALPS------NDLFVEVTIgryKGRTKRSTnpypNLEFDEVFAFNsdrl----qgnMLEVTMKMNE---- 104  thale cress
CBI39079      280 YIFVRVVKARSLPTk----gNPVVTIAVSgshVSSKPALKst-sFFEWDQTFAFGretp---estsLLEVSVWDPRpsnp 351  wine grape
NP_197299     324 YVFIRVVKARSLPTs----gSPVTKISLSgtmIQSKPARKt--sCFEWDQTFAFLrdspd-lssspILEISVWDSStgi- 395  thale cress
BAC79748       65 YLFVRVVRARGLPAg----aHPHVRVAAGg-rHASTREARrg-aFFEWDQTFAFVrdpgatdspgpTLEVSVWDLPpdad 138  Japanese rice
NP_187018     282 FLYIRVAKAKRAKNdg---sNPVYAKLVIgtnGVKTRSQT----GKDWDQVFAFEkesl----nstSLEVSVWSEEkiek 350  thale cress
EAZ27970      310 YLFVRLLKAKHHGGgd---kQPLYAQLSIgthAVKTRAATa---AGEWDQVFAFHkdsl----tatSLEVTVHEEAkkpa 379  Japanese rice
NP_680140      41 FLYVDVIRAIKNSDvdp-gpCDPVVEITLgnyKSSTKDLPvg-pNMDWNQVFAFDktk------gdVLSVTLKDRLt--- 109  thale cress
Feature 1                  #                                                   
ABR16393       90 -------kDDFIGRIGFdl-leVPTRVPPDSPLAPQWYRLedkkgegkvkgELMLAVWLGT 142  Sitka spruce
XP_002329776  112 -------iNEIIGCLSFdl-gdTPTRFPPNSPLAPQWYKLedrng-vkvagELMLSAWIGN 163  black cottonwood
NP_193741     115 ------neDDIVGKCKFdv-aeIPTRVPPDSPLAPQWYRLedrng-vkiggEIMVSVWIGT 167  thale cress
NP_199289     105 --------EEIIGQCRFev-aeIPTRIPPDSPLAPQWDRLedrna-nrfgeEVMVSVWMGT 155  thale cress
CBI39079      352 s---dvagDGFLGGICFdv-aeIPLRDPPDSPLAPQWYRIegga---adngVLMLATWIGT 405  wine grape
NP_197299     396 ------etSQFLGGICFdv-seIPLRDPPDSPLAPQWYRLeggg---ahnsDLMLATWTGT 446  thale cress
BAC79748      139 v--sdaddRHFLGGLCFdt-adVHARDPPDGPLATQWYRLeggrr--lagaDLMVATWAGT 194  Japanese rice
NP_187018     351 edktttttESCLGTVSFdl-qeVPKRVPPDSPLAPQWYTLesek---spgnDVMLAVWLGT 407  thale cress
EAZ27970      380 aegeatppDTNLGYVSFdl-heVPKRSPPDSALAPQWYTLeghandgtaacDVMLAVWVGT 439  Japanese rice
NP_680140     110 --------NTVINKSNFklaseIPTRAPPDARIAPQRYPLrntk----tgfYLMMSVWFGT 158  thale cress

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