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cd08304: DD 
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Death Domain Superfamily of protein-protein interaction domains
The Death Domain (DD) superfamily includes the DD, Pyrin, CARD (Caspase activation and recruitment domain) and DED (Death Effector Domain) families. DDs are protein-protein interaction domains found in a variety of domain architectures. Their common feature is that they form homodimers by self-association or heterodimers by associating with other members of the DD superfamily. They serve as adaptors in signaling pathways and can recruit other proteins into signaling complexes. They are prominent components of the programmed cell death (apoptosis) pathway and are found in a number of other signaling pathways including those that impact innate immunity, inflammation, differentiation, and cancer.
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Created: 9-Dec-2009
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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1D2Z_A  21 RAQLCahldaldvwQQLATAVk----------lYPDQVEqissqkq-rgrsasnEFLNIWGgqy---nhTVQTLFALFKK 86  fruit fly
1N3K_A   8 LQDLTnnit-ledlEQLKSACke--------diPSEKSEeit---------tgsAWFSFLEshnkldkdNLSYIEHIFEI 69  Chinese hamster
3YGS_P  14 RLRLVeel----qvDQLWDVLlsr------elfRPHMIEdiqragsgsrrdqarQLIIDLEtrg---sqALPLFISCLED 80  human
1UCP_A   8 ILDALenlt-aeelKKFKLKLlsvplregygriPRGALLsmd----------alDLTDKLVsfyl-etyGAELTANVLRD 75  human
1D2Z_A  87 lklhNAMRLI 96  fruit fly
1N3K_A  70 srrpDLLTMV 79  Chinese hamster
3YGS_P  81 tgqdMLASFL 90  human
1UCP_A  76 mglqEMAGQL 85  human
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