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cd07997: WGR_PARP 
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WGR domain of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases
The WGR domain is found in a variety of eukaryotic poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs). It has been called WGR after the most conserved central motif of the domain. The domain typically occurs together with a catalytic PARP domain, and is between 70 and 80 residues in length. It has been proposed to function as a nucleic acid binding domain. PARPs catalyze the NAD(+)-dependent synthesis of ADP-ribose polymers and their addition to various nuclear proteins and histones. Higher eukaryotes contain several PARPs and there may be up to 17 human PARP-like proteins, with three of them (PARP-1, PARP-2, and PARP-3) containing a WGR domain. The synthesis of poly-ADP-ribose requires multiple enzymatic activities for initiation, trans-ADP-ribosylation, elongation, branching, and release of the polymer from the enzyme. Poly-ADP-ribosylation was thought to be a reversible post-translational covalent modification that serves as a regulatory mechanism for protein substrates. However, it is now known that it plays important roles in many cellular processes including maintenance of genomic stability, transcriptional regulation, energy metabolism, cell death and survival, among others.
PSSM-Id: 153426
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Created: 13-Oct-2009
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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2CR9_A         33 AHVLEkgg------kvFSATLGLVDiv----------kGTNSYYKLQLLEDdk-enRYWIFRSWGRVGtv--iGSNKLEQ 93   human
CAD59238      311 YGYVA-----------YNVLMNLTDli----------hNNNSYYILQIIKTgd--tSYWVYCKWGRIGvs-ngGTMQHSH 366  Dictyostelium...
CAD59237      451 HHDEKygy------taMNVMLNSLDie----------sNSNRFYQIQMLKQrg-keRYTVYLRWGRVGvnqigGQKDTTY 513  Dictyostelium...
XP_001739295  403 PIFGWt---------vYNVMLTKTDls----------tGINSIYHMQIVRNk---kKFKMMFEWGRIG-----DKLKRTY 455  Entamoeba dis...
XP_652584     411 PVCGWt---------aYNVVLSKTDld----------tGANSVYRMQIVKKg---kQYQMMFEWGRIGgt--lHNTFRNG 466  Entamoeba his...
XP_001913222 1881 LTTGLh----------GDVLLAKVEaka-------dgtAVESFTRMQIIGHkl-srQWVLFTRTGDAGe---eGERKITP 1939 Oikopleura di...
XP_001833221  151 APVDElcplagshhvyVDETGVAWDa------------TLNQTDLLERDNSp---mTYAVFCRWGRVGd---rGQSKMYA 212  Coprinopsis c...
EER27900      129 HPYTDntg------hrYSAILVRPGpl----------pRRKERHVLKIFESdsvphTYATLVKYTRIGr---sASDFLAP 189  Coccidioides ...
CAF32023      175 VYVDLatg------etYSATIYRQLpw----------nHTREKFQIKVHESndvphTYATQAKYSRTGk---sTDEILAP 235  Aspergillus f...
EEQ28842      182 HVYSDaag------trYMATLVRPIeaskakekhvlkvSIYRKPHVILYESdhtphIYAVFAKYTRPGr---vGSDYITP 252  Microsporum c...
2CR9_A         94 MPs--kEDAIEHFMKLYEEKTGNAWHs-----KNFTKYPk--------------KFYPLEISG 135  human
CAD59238      367 TSl---NKALKEFGERFTDKTGIEWNd----rGKYKKQNg--------------KYAIIDLEE 408  Dictyostelium discoideum
CAD59237      514 SSy---ESALSEFAERFEYFTAQKWEd----rYKFKKLPr--------------KYYMISLDD 555  Dictyostelium discoideum
XP_001739295  456 REskkpKELIKEWEEKFFQMTGTEWNr----rHEYKKVHd--------------KYFWQAFDT 500  Entamoeba dispar SAW760
XP_652584     467 SL----SNILSEWIKKFKECTGNEWEn----rLQFKKVGg--------------KYFMQALDT 507  Entamoeba histolytica HM-1:IMSS
XP_001913222 1940 FQv--pENAIREFMKQYKIKTGNDWTn----lPEFRRCTk--------------KFALVPFEL 1982 Oikopleura dioica
XP_001833221  213 ESvs-lPAAKSVFDKQMKAKTGKSWA------QRKEALGgn------------kKYAYLERNY 256  Coprinopsis cinerea okayama7#130
EER27900      190 PGst-fDVAVRAFNKFFKAKSGINWD------QRDRKPPlktteegakvppdegWFEYMPEKS 245  Coccidioides posadasii C735 de...
CAF32023      236 PGsd-qDAAMAAFTDFFAAKTGKKWEnrldgiPMAPKQDvdgkel----pahagWFYYETGRS 293  Aspergillus fumigatus
EEQ28842      253 VGnp-lSTALKEFNKFFLGKAGKSWDqr--egPPKPKKGqadgki----cswdnWFEYVAEPS 308  Microsporum canis CBS 113480
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