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cd07964: RBP-H 
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Head domain of virus receptor-binding proteins (RBP)
Virus receptor-binding proteins (RBPs) are found in lactococcal bacteriophages, as well as in adenoviruses and reoviruses, which invade mammalian cells. Lactococcus lactis is widely used in dairy fermentations and infection of L. lactis by phages greatly impairs the fermentation process. Adenovirus typically infects respiratory tracts with symptoms ranging from the common cold to pneumonia. Onset of viral infections begin with the recognition of host cells through the receptor-binding protein complex located at the distal part of the virion. The RBP has three domains: the N- terminal shoulders domain, the interlaced neck domain, and the C-terminal head domain. Phages recognize their host through an interaction between the RBP head (RBP-H) domain and saccharidic receptors at the host cell surface. Adenovirus recognizes the membrane cofactor protein, CD46, as a cellular receptor.
PSSM-Id: 176481
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Aligned: 9 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 51.2834
Threshold Setting Gi: 126031349
Created: 4-Oct-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:trimer interface [polypeptide binding site]
  • Comment:Receptor binding protein forms a homotrimer.
  • Comment:The trimer interface is only partially conserved
  • Structure:2BSD; Enterobacteria bacteriophage P2 receptor binding protein forms a homotrimer, defined at 4.0A.
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  • Structure:2VRS; Avian Reovirus Sigma C 117-326 forms homotrimer, defined at 4.0A.
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Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                      # #     #  # #                                 
2BSD_A    163 VQ-TLTVeag----------------ngLQLQLTKKNn---DLVIVRFFGsvsn---------iqkGWNMsgtwvdr--- 210 Lactococcus lactis...
2VRS_B     82 LM-QFRWmargtn----------gssdtIDMTVNAHChgrrTDYMMSSTGnltv---------tsnVVLLtfdlsdithi 141 Avian orthoreovirus
3HG0_B     64 TK-SWSGelg----------------ggIILSLRKKG----TTVEYSIGGeiss--------silaNSNLvnrsvpn--- 111 Lactococcus phage ...
3F0Y_A     14 IN-TLWTgvnpteancqmmdssesndckLILTLVKTG----ALVTAFVYVigvsnnfnmlttyrniNFTAelffdsagnl 88  Human adenovirus 14
2FSD_A     33 DIpWTDLnrasg------------vgstGILQARIIN----GVIYVRGNSipvpn------vapnfIVPVgtfppaf--- 87  unidentified phage
2O39_A      3 IN-TLWTgvnpteancqimnssesndckLILTLVKTG----ALVTAFVYVigvsnnfnmltthrniNFTAelffdstgnl 77  Human adenovirus t...
Q6JDF4    155 TK-SGSLsig----------------ngITFSWQKKG----EIVEIKWIGrltn---------insGTTFavkapye--- 201 Lactococcus lactis...
YP_811366  68 TK-TVNVnvg----------------ngMSIRLTKKG----NFVEVRFYGtmtt---------vkhGAEMggdgsswii- 116 Lactococcus lactis...
Q71AV4    163 DL-NRASgvg----------------stGILQARIIN----SVIYVRGNSipvp---------nvaPNFIvpvgtfpp-- 210 Lactococcus phage ...
Feature 1                                                      ##   # ##                      
2BSD_A    211 ------------------------------------------pfrpaavQSLVGHFAGrd---tSFHIDInp-------- 237 Lactococcus lactis...
2VRS_B    142 psdl-------------------------------arlvpsagfqaasfPVDVSFTRDsa---tHAYQAYgvys------ 181 Avian orthoreovirus
3HG0_B    112 ------------------------------------------efcprnrCSLVGHMVGgw---nAFHIDIps-------- 138 Lactococcus phage ...
3F0Y_A     89 ltslsslktplnhksgqnmatgaitnaksfmpsttaypfnnnsrekenyIYGTCHYTAsdhtafPIDISVmlnqrairad 168 Human adenovirus 14
2FSD_A     88 -------------------------------------------gtnlpqFDSSGTFYShgn-lsLSLINMs--------- 114 unidentified phage
2O39_A     78 ltrlsslktplnhksgqnmatgaitnakgfmpsttaypfndnsrekenyIYGTCYYTAsdrtafPIDISVmlnrrainde 157 Human adenovirus t...
Q6JDF4    202 -------------------------------------------vipnktKELVGHFANtg---kSFHIDLep-------- 227 Lactococcus lactis...
YP_811366 117 -----------------------------------------pdfrpevtVSLVGHLASgt---eSFHIDIep-------- 144 Lactococcus lactis...
Q71AV4    211 -----------------------------------------afgtnlpqFDTAGTFYSh----gNLSLSLinm------- 238 Lactococcus phage ...
Feature 1                                 #   #   #
2BSD_A    238 ---nGSITWWGAnidk-------tpiATRGNGSYFIK 264 Lactococcus lactis phage p2
2VRS_B    182 ssrvFTITFPTGgdg--------tanIRSLTVRTGID 210 Avian orthoreovirus
3HG0_B    139 ---sGVCQWFGPtas---------sgTPRGTGTYPID 163 Lactococcus phage TP901-1
3F0Y_A    169 tsycIRITWSWNtgdapegqtsattlVTSPFTFYYIR 205 Human adenovirus 14
2FSD_A    115 ---pSGIAVGNPnnts------mngkTISFALSAPLL 142 unidentified phage
2O39_A    158 tsycIRITWSWNtgdapevqtsattlVTSPFTFYYIR 194 Human adenovirus type 11p
Q6JDF4    228 ---dGTFRWWGEnqa---------ngSIRGTAMYFIK 252 Lactococcus lactis phage 645
YP_811366 145 ---tGRVVWWGPavtg-------tggAPRGTAFYLLN 171 Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris SK11
Q71AV4    239 --spSGIAVGNPnnts------mngkTISFVLSVPLL 267 Lactococcus phage P008

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