Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd06867: PX_SNX41_42 
The phosphoinositide binding Phox Homology domain of fungal Sorting Nexins 41 and 42
The PX domain is a phosphoinositide (PI) binding module present in many proteins with diverse functions. Sorting nexins (SNXs) make up the largest group among PX domain containing proteins. They are involved in regulating membrane traffic and protein sorting in the endosomal system. The PX domain of SNXs binds PIs and targets the protein to PI-enriched membranes. SNXs differ from each other in PI-binding specificity and affinity, and the presence of other protein-protein interaction domains, which help determine subcellular localization and specific function in the endocytic pathway. Some SNXs are localized in early endosome structures such as clathrin-coated pits, while others are located in late structures of the endocytic pathway. SNX41 and SNX42 (also called Atg20p) form dimers with SNX4, and are required in protein recycling from the sorting endosome (post-Golgi endosome) back to the late Golgi in yeast.
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Created: 10-Jul-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:phosphoinositide binding site [chemical binding site]
  • Comment:A majority of PX domain containing proteins binds phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate (PI3P) at this site. In some cases, other phosphoinositides, such as PI4P or PI(3,4)P2, are the preferred substrates.
  • Comment:based on the structures of phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate bound to other members of this superfamily
  • Comment:Two basic residues are key in binding with phosphoinositides: one forms hydrogen bonds with the 3-phosphate of PI(3)P and another forms hydrogen bonds with the 4-and 5-hydroxyl groups of PI(3)P.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                                  ###                       ##          
XP_502542    121 PIEIIEANKnheg---tsrGFITYTIRVGd-------VSVRRRYSEFESLRTTLTRMFPTLIVPPIPEKHsitdyava-- 188 Yarrowia lipoly...
NP_984288    127 ALRIVDAGQykdt---fgnYAIGYTIAYEg-------RQVTRRYSEFDSLRQALARLLPTVIIPPIPSKHpliryfln-- 194 Ashbya gossypii...
Q04053       121 QIQIIDAGDfkdp---wgkHAIGYVILYEn-------NKIIRRYSEFHSLRQSLTRLLPTIIIPPIPSKHsllkyiws-- 188 baker's yeast
EDK40864      61 HVEIVGSESlm------ssSVIVYAIELSagd---tnSVVKRRYSEFRSLRDGITRLYPTEVIPPIPGKHsfltylin-- 129 Pichia guillier...
NP_596737     74 GIVITGAMKae------sgSHIVYIIKLQd-------SEIHHRYSEFASLRVQLSRLYPTCLVPPLPDKHkimdylin-- 138 fission yeast
XP_456428     84 QINVISSERmi------nsSVVAYSIELSsfd--dnrMIVKRRYSEFKSLRDNLQILFPTLVIPPIPEKHtlftylin-- 153 Debaryomyces ha...
XP_446105    140 PIQIKEAGDykdp---wgkHAIGYVIELDg-------FKTVRRYSEFYSLRKNLTLLLPTVVVPPLPPKHsimnyif--- 206 Candida glabrat...
XP_002174041  83 PVQVTGALKak------dgSHIVYSIKTDs-------SATQRRYSEFVSLRINLGRLYPTCVVPPLPEKHsivdyvfs-- 147 Schizosaccharom...
Q6BHN9       122 RMQITKAGNsnegmintskTYIVYSIQLInnddpsdeIQTRRRYSDFESLRDVLKKIFPLIIIPPIPPKNyfkfsmlndl 201 Debaryomyces ha...
NP_587995     26 EIQIVGTVTss------dgSYVEYEIVHQk-------RSVWRRYSDFESLVKLMRRQYPAAIVPPIPGKQsllsyakh-- 90  fission yeast
Feature 1                                                            #                           
XP_502542    189 ---------------------------------------ptkaredkDMIEHRQRMLQVFLNRCRNLp--QISNCIVFQR 227 Yarrowia lipoly...
NP_984288    195 ---------------------------------------plnaendiRIIEKRRRLLSRFLNNCHDIt--DIREHTVFQK 233 Ashbya gossypii...
Q04053       189 ---------------------------------------pinaandsKIISTRKKMLNSFLSNCLNIq--EISNDIVFQK 227 baker's yeast
EDK40864     130 ---------------------------------------sinnskelSIIETRKRYFSRFLSDICTHp--RLRQCPLVHK 168 Pichia guillier...
NP_596737    139 ---------------------------------------vtknqrmsRMLEERKRLLQLFLRRVAQHp--ILGLSEVFRK 177 fission yeast
XP_456428    154 ---------------------------------------sidnskelNIIETRKRCFANFLKDIIFDsnvALKSCVLVHK 194 Debaryomyces ha...
XP_446105    207 -----------------------------------------kksidtRIIDSRKRTLCRFLNECYEVp--DIANHIVFKK 243 Candida glabrat...
XP_002174041 148 ---------------------------------------ftktqrnnHILEQRKRMLQTFLLNVYQHp--VLGQSQVFRD 186 Schizosaccharom...
Q6BHN9       202 vsgnisqssntssnnstgantstnttnglgsnstnysyinsthlnknKLIEHRKRLLSNFLNNCLAIp--QIRNLEFFAK 279 Debaryomyces ha...
NP_587995     91 ---------------------------------------prkaksdaEFLNFRSRMLELFLRQCLLHp--CIRSNPIFDK 129 fission yeast
Feature 1             
XP_502542    228 FLDPH 232 Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122
NP_984288    234 FLNPE 238 Ashbya gossypii ATCC 10895
Q04053       228 FLNPE 232 baker's yeast
EDK40864     169 FLDPN 173 Pichia guilliermondii ATCC 6260
NP_596737    178 FLSRH 182 fission yeast
XP_456428    195 FLDPN 199 Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767
XP_446105    244 FLDCE 248 Candida glabrata CBS 138
XP_002174041 187 FLSRN 191 Schizosaccharomyces japonicus yFS275
Q6BHN9       280 FLDPN 284 Debaryomyces hansenii
NP_587995    130 FIHST 134 fission yeast

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