Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd06851: GT_GPT_like 
This family includes eukaryotic UDP-GlcNAc:dolichol-P GlcNAc-1-P transferase (GPT) and archaeal GPT-like glycosyltransferases. Eukaryotic GPT catalyzes the transfer of GlcNAc-1-P from UDP-GlcNAc to dolichol-P to form GlcNAc-P-P-dolichol. The reaction is the first step in the assembly of dolichol-linked oligosaccharide intermediates and is essential for eukaryotic N-linked glycosylation. GPT activity has been identified in all eukaryotic cells examined to date. Evidence for the existence of the N-glycosylation pathway in archaea has emerged and genes responsible for the pathway have been identified. A glycosyl transferase gene Mv1751 in M. voltae encodes for the enzyme that carries out the first step in the pathway, the attachment of GlcNAc to a dolichol lipid carrier in the membrane. A lethal mutation in the alg7 (GPT) gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was successfully complemented with Mv1751, the archaeal gene, indicating eukaryotic and archaeal enzymes may use the same substrates and are evolutionarily closer than the bacterial enzyme, which uses a different substrate.
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Created: 23-Jul-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Mg++ bindingputative
Feature 1:Mg++ binding site [ion binding site]

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                                                                  ##    
XP_001624100  36 AGKDMNKKDnkdPIPEGLGAVGGALFLICMFlfiplpflsiwlekgdfdfphhefvmFIAALLSICCMIFLGFADDVldl 115 starlet sea ane...
ABZ08607      36 TVKDVNKKGn-vMIPRPGGISILIGIVASEItlyff----------------fpiseILAIIITSVLGFSVGIIDDRktm 98  uncultured mari...
YP_843372     30 LGWDMHKPGr-pKVPEMGGVPLVFGFVLGVLvyigietfy---------lnsyrytpILAALCTVLMACIIGIMDDIlgw 99  Methanosaeta th...
Feature 1                                                                                        
XP_001624100 116 ----kwRDKLILPTMASLPllmvyfvnigvttiivpkpvrfifgfdldlgilyyvymGMLAVFCTNAINILAGINGVEAG 191 starlet sea ane...
ABZ08607      99 ----ggWFKPVALAFCAAPilllgaydsnldfpl---------fgsvkipslylalvVFMIPITGNTFNSIDVLNGVVSG 165 uncultured mari...
YP_843372    100 kaglrqWQKPMFMLFAAMPmmvinaghttmslpl--------igrvdwgilyplviiPIGVVGASNAFNMVAGYNGLEAG 171 Methanosaeta th...
Feature 1                                                                                        
XP_001624100 192 QSLIIAMsivlfnllelqgtccwqnhlfslyfmlpfiaVCSALLYYNWYPSSIFVGDTFCYFAGMAFAVVGILGHfsktm 271 starlet sea ane...
ABZ08607     166 FTTIASFalaislfvqqny--------eigiaclclafASLAFYKYHKLPSRIFPGDSGAVMFGATYGVIAIVGEvevia 237 uncultured mari...
YP_843372    172 MGVIIFAalgyaglvmgkt--------saaalsiimlgSLLAFLYFNRYPARVFPGDTMTYSVGALAACVAILGDiekia 243 Methanosaeta th...
Feature 1                     
XP_001624100 272 LLFFIPQVFNFVF 284 starlet sea anemone
ABZ08607     238 AVAILPAIINSFL 250 uncultured marine crenarchaeote HF4000_APKG3H9
YP_843372    244 VTLFIPYAIDFFM 256 Methanosaeta thermophila PT

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