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cd06661: GGCT_like 
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GGCT-like domains, also called AIG2-like family. Gamma-glutamyl cyclotransferase (GGCT) catalyzes the formation of pyroglutamic acid (5-oxoproline) from dipeptides containing gamma-glutamyl, and is a dimeric protein. In Homo sapiens, the protein is encoded by the gene C7orf24, and the enzyme participates in the gamma-glutamyl cycle. Hereditary defects in the gamma-glutamyl cycle have been described for some of the genes involved, but not for C7orf24. The synthesis and metabolism of glutathione (L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine) ties the gamma-glutamyl cycle to numerous cellular processes; glutathione acts as a ubiquitous reducing agent in reductive mechanisms involved in protein and DNA synthesis, transport processes, enzyme activity, and metabolism. AIG2 (avrRpt2-induced gene) is an Arabidopsis protein that exhibits RPS2- and avrRpt2-dependent induction early after infection with Pseudomonas syringae pv maculicola strain ES4326 carrying avrRpt2. avrRpt2 is an avirulence gene that can convert virulent strains of P. syringae to avirulence on Arabidopsis thaliana, soybean, and bean. The family also includes bacterial tellurite-resistance proteins (trgB); tellurium (Te) compounds are used in industrial processes and had been used as antimicrobial agents in the past. Some members have been described proteins involved in cation transport (chaC).
PSSM-Id: 119400
Aligned: 223 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 35.3983
Created: 8-Jan-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:putative catalytic residue [active site]
  • Comment:the highly conserved glutamic acid may serve as a general acid/base

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                                                                        
2PN7_A        19 YFAYGSNLLTerihlr-----npsaaFFCVARLQ--DFKLDFGnsqgktsqtwhggiATIFQSPGd-------------- 77  human
1V30_A        10 IAVYGTLRKGkplhwy-----lkgakFLGEDWIE--GYQLYFEy------------lPYAVKGKG--------------- 55  Pyrococcus hori...
Q62J87        13 VFCYGTLRAGeindigraaathgiaaPRLVGAVAvaGRLYDFGn------------yPGMVAGGGr-------------- 66  Burkholderia ma...
ZP_01040726    9 LFFYGVLQDGlgpggqdw-pflkglgLGAKASVHgsLFAIPDEng----------wyPALIPTQArl------------s 65  Erythrobacter s...
ZP_01083374  132 VFSYGSNLCPaqlarr----cprwdgSGLVARLE--GWRWGINkrrlgr--apgegaAGLVRHSGa-------------- 189 Synechococcus s...
ZP_01076850    9 IFGYGSLINAtsrak------tgetgQVWPVKIA--GYQRNWSvmste----fgmssVAVIPLKGa-------------- 62  Marinomonas sp....
ZP_01113903    6 IFGYGSLICQdsrsr------tgvtsDACPVEVQ--GIQRRWSmhsp-------ewpATAVSAHDsp------------m 58  Reinekea sp. ME...
YP_001446493   3 IFGYGSLINAasrkl------tgqtgEASPVIAH--GLVRYWGkvdds-----yilsPLVVNEGEg-------------- 55  Vibrio harveyi ...
YP_001418752  24 LFGYGTLISEpsrtst-----shrqvVAVPARVSa-RFGLVRAfv----------arGGARSGAGftalglrqprdgevp 87  Xanthobacter au...
ZP_01158307    5 FFGYGSLVNLath----------sypGARPARLS--GWRRVWRhstlr-----pvafLSVERHAGs-------------- 53  Oceanicola gran...
Feature 1                              #                                       
2PN7_A        78 -EVWGVVWKMn-kSNLNSLDEQEgvk---sgmYVVIEVKVAtqe-------gkEITCRSYLM 127 human
1V30_A        56 -KLKVEVYEVd-kETFERINEIEig-----tgYRLVEVSTK------------FGKAFLWEW 98  Pyrococcus horikoshii
Q62J87        67 dLVWGDVYAId-eRLVPVLDEIEevypgveglFVRQRASVElg--------grRYDCLYYPV 119 Burkholderia mallei
ZP_01040726   66 sVVQGTIHDAs-gVDIAAIDAFEgp------nYTRQPMPVDgwd------gygETHADTYVW 114 Erythrobacter sp. NAP1
ZP_01083374  190 -HCWGVVHHHs-pDDRAALDHCEgva---aghYRHQRVQVItga-------geRLDALTYVP 239 Synechococcus sp. WH 5701
ZP_01076850   63 -YCNGVLIEIn-eSEIPSFDEREr-------gYERSQIQSEqlsayq-gqalpKGTIWIYHS 114 Marinomonas sp. MED121
ZP_01113903   59 hRCNGVYFAVd-aENLKNFDEREq-------gYQRIQLPWNqvsplseqslptGGTLWAYVG 112 Reinekea sp. MED297
YP_001446493  56 -QVNGVLLEVd-dQALAEFDRREr-------gYHRIQIRPDqieae--ttfnsEHSIWVYVK 106 Vibrio harveyi ATCC BAA-1116
YP_001418752  88 sSINGVVFPVldaGEMAAFDRREg-------gYRRVEVDPAlvegvgwqglprSGRVWIYVP 142 Xanthobacter autotrophicus Py2
ZP_01158307   54 -EIEGVVAEVp-dGDWAALDEREr-------aYVRRDVTDEvt--------haGPRAETAVY 98  Oceanicola granulosus HTCC2516

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