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cd06541: ASCH 
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ASC-1 homology or ASCH domain, a small beta-barrel domain found in all three kingdoms of life. ASCH resembles the RNA-binding PUA domain and may also interact with RNA. ASCH has been proposed to function as an RNA-binding domain during coactivation, RNA-processing and the regulation of prokaryotic translation. The domain has been named after the ASC-1 protein, the activating signal cointegrator 1 or thyroid hormone receptor interactor protein 4 (TRIP4). ASC-1 is conserved in many eukaryotes and has been suggested to participate in a protein complex that interacts with RNA. It has been shown that ASC-1 mediates the interaction between various transciption factors and the basal transcriptional machinery.
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Updated: 17-Jan-2013
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1T62_B  25 VWMFGdgssemgnRLGQLVVSGRKTATCSSldiykmeeeqlPKAGQYDIILdgqs-qplAIIRTTKVEIMPm---nKVSE 100 Enterococcus faecalis...
1TE7_A   5 DITFFq-------RFQDDILAGRKTITIRDese------shFKTGDVLRVGrfeddgyfCTIEVTATSTVTldtltEKHA 71  Escherichia coli O157:H7
1XNE_A   5 RLYLKd-------EYLEMVKSGKKRIEVRVaypq----lkdIKRGDKIIFNd------lIPAEVVEVKKYEtf-rqVLRE 66  Pyrococcus furiosus
1WK2_A   7 GLIVRe-------PYASLIVDGRKVWEIRRr---------kTRHRGPLGIVsgg--rliGQADLVGVEGPFsv--eELLA 66  Thermus thermophilus
1T62_B 101 SFaqaegegdltlDYWYEEHARFFkeelapyqlqfypdmlLVCQSFE 147 Enterococcus faecalis V583
1TE7_A  72 EQen-------mtLTELKKVIADIypg----------qtqFYVIEFK 101 Escherichia coli O157:H7
1XNE_A  67 EPidkifpdkpsfEKALKRFHNMYpkwke-------yrygVLAIKFR 106 Pyrococcus furiosus
1WK2_A  67 HQek--------hLAEEAFLRAYAkd------------epLYAWVLE 93  Thermus thermophilus
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