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cd06467: p23_NUDC_like 
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p23_like domain of NUD (nuclear distribution) C and similar proteins. Aspergillus nidulas (An) NUDC is needed for nuclear movement. AnNUDC is localized at the hyphal cortex, and binds NUDF at spindle pole bodies (SPBs) and in the cytoplasm at different stages in the cell cycle. At the SPBs it is part of the dynein molecular motor/NUDF complex that regulates microtubule dynamics. Mammalian(m) NUDC associates both with the dynein complex and also with an anti-inflammatory enzyme, platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase I, PAF-AH(I) complex, through binding mNUDF, the regulatory beta subunit of PAF-AH(I). mNUDC is important for cell proliferation both in normal and tumor tissues. Its expression is elevated in various cell types undergoing mitosis or stimulated to proliferate, with high expression levels observed in leukemic cells and tumors. For a leukemic cell line, human NUDC was shown to activate the thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor (Mpl) by binding to its extracellular domain, and promoting cell proliferation and differentiation. This group also includes the human broadly immunogenic tumor associated antigen, CML66, which is highly expressed in a variety of solid tumors and in leukemias. In normal tissues high expression of CML66 is limited to testis and heart.
PSSM-Id: 107224
Aligned: 123 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 59.8686
Created: 19-Mar-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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1WFI_A         10 YRWTQTl--aELDLAVPFRVsfrlkgkDVVVDIQrrHLRVGLKg---QPPVVDGE-LYNEVKVe--eSSWLIEd------ 75   house mouse
XP_967066     267 YKWSQTs--eDLTIKFPLPEnfk--knLVHVTTEptHISLKYE----NETLLTGK-LYHQIDPd--vTCWTIEs------ 329  red flour beetle
XP_001354754  296 YTWTQTd--eDVLIRFRLPAgat--rnDFNIRSTshQLEVECL----AEILLTGA-LYANVDSd--lTTWTIEa------ 358  Drosophila ps...
XP_627758      92 YYWTQTe--nDLTIVIEISPemq--skDFKINVTenSITIMYG----LETILFEK-FEYEVKYddntIFWSIKdvesfdk 162  Cryptosporidi...
EDV38497      298 FSWTQTd--dELSIKFPLDGvvr--rpDFQIRST--ATTVQVEh--lGRVLIAGT-LFGHVDNe--lTTWSFGi------ 360  Drosophila an...
XP_001662978  277 FSWTQTm--eNITITVPKVEg-----lDYKITNE--HLKLSVSs--gATSIINSEgWFAGVDGe--lTSWINEs------ 337  yellow fever ...
NP_565805      80 YEFTDGg--kEVELRLRLKTgeilspkDISVDADgtSLAVKEKrnglLITLLETNhLFEKIMPs--eTIWYIDe------ 149  thale cress
NP_001065493   70 YEFTDGg--gEVELRLDIGKlgiensrDVFVDVDdtSLLVRAKsdgtLRTLINVKqLFDRIKSs--eTIWFIDe------ 139  Japanese rice
XP_001606635  264 YCWSQDe--dSITVYTKISEkys--kvTAKVEATptSLTISVG----DVVLLSGE-TPHRLESd--lTTWKRKe------ 326  jewel wasp
XP_394721    2093 YVYIENsdedSITVWLKIDNqy---rdKIKVNVTslELSVTVN----NNVLIEGQ-CQYRLDEd--lTTWKYEq------ 2156 honey bee
1WFI_A         76 -------gKVVTVHLEKink----mewWNRLV 96   house mouse
XP_967066     330 --------STLVLTLQKces----glmWPEIV 349  red flour beetle
XP_001354754  359 --------DSLQLTLVKqlq-----qsWPLLL 377  Drosophila pseudoobscura
XP_627758     163 vqnkriinKMLVLELEKkelntsirlwWKRIF 194  Cryptosporidium parvum Iowa II
EDV38497      361 --------SKLQLTLIKaep-----lrWPRLF 379  Drosophila ananassae
XP_001662978  338 --------EEIQITLFKtip-----glWPFLY 356  yellow fever mosquito
NP_565805     150 --------DQLVVNMKKvdg----elkWPDIV 169  thale cress
NP_001065493  140 --------DQLVVNLKKveq----elkWPDID 159  Japanese rice
XP_001606635  327 --------DTLEVELSKsen----glmWSELL 346  jewel wasp
XP_394721    2157 --------DTFKLELYKhen----glmWNELI 2176 honey bee
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