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cd06464: ACD_sHsps-like 
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Alpha-crystallin domain (ACD) of alpha-crystallin-type small(s) heat shock proteins (Hsps). sHsps are small stress induced proteins with monomeric masses between 12 -43 kDa, whose common feature is the Alpha-crystallin domain (ACD). sHsps are generally active as large oligomers consisting of multiple subunits, and are believed to be ATP-independent chaperones that prevent aggregation and are important in refolding in combination with other Hsps.
PSSM-Id: 107221
Aligned: 813 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 27.9037
Created: 8-Jul-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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putative dimer
Conserved site includes 12 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:putative dimer interface [polypeptide binding site]
  • Structure:2H50, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hsp26 dimer interface, contacts at 3.5 A
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  • Comment:ScHsp26 assembles in shell-like particles composed of 24 subunits. These particles are storage forms which upon heat shock disassociate into dimers. Non-native substrate proteins bind the disassociated ScHsp26 and assemble into large globular assemblies having one monomer of substrate bound per dimer.
  • Structure:1GME_A, Triticum aestivum sHsp dimer interface, contacts at 3.5 A
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  • Comment:T. aestivum HSP16.9 assembles as a 12-mer, comprised of two discs, each disc having 6 alpha crystallin-like domains organized as a trimer of dimers.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1        #####          # # ##                                        #                  
2BOL_A       102 DAYEVgkdgrlHFKVYFNVKN-FKAEEITIKADknKLVVRAQksvacg----daamsESVGRSIpLPPSVDRnhIQATIT 176 beef tapeworm
XP_001630204  54 KSADK------VTIATLDIGR-YRPEDITWSVEddHVLICGKhcakts----rgaegGKFVRSIpLPEDIKTqsVTARFC 122 starlet sea ane...
XP_001625685   1 MEGDK------VEIATLDVKN-YRPEEISLKVEhgRIKIDGKhksege----hgyetSEFHRSYnLPDGVDVstVSSRIT 69  starlet sea ane...
XP_001621784   1 MDADK------FQIATLDVRE-FKPEEITCKVEngKIKVSGLqrhese----egfdsKEFRRCYnLPEGVDEssISTRIA 69  starlet sea ane...
AAI57701      52 QQEEDd-----KFKVLLDVVQ-FRPEDIIIQVFegWLIIKGEhgcrmd---ehgfisRSFTRTYqLPNGIGLtdLSAFFC 122 western clawed ...
AAK35217     230 DEATGg----eKLHVEVPIEPeFTADDLCVRMDanRVIVSGQkkyvdetassksahvKEFTRSYeIPETVDTfsVNSQLH 305 Paragonimus wes...
129359       261 DDGSGg----kRLHVEVAVDPvYKPEDLFVNVDsnRVVVSGRhhkqksdqhgrsssfAEFSQSYaIPETVDPlsVSAQVV 336 Schistosoma man...
AAW24545     384 GINGRk----lHLEVTVDSIY-KADELCVRMDSn-CIVISGCqkkteg----sssstAEFTQSFeIPETVDPfsVTAQLI 453 Schistosoma jap...
Feature 1           ##       
2BOL_A       177 t-dDVLVIEAPV 187 beef tapeworm
XP_001630204 123 mrdGQLIVEGTK 134 starlet sea anemone
XP_001625685  70 g-dGLLHIEALK 80  starlet sea anemone
XP_001621784  70 e-dGMLHVEALK 80  starlet sea anemone
CAG29310     135 h-dGILVVEVKD 145 human
XP_001231558 134 h-dGILVVEMKN 144 chicken
AAI57701     123 h-dGILAVEGKQ 133 western clawed frog
AAK35217     306 g--NTLLVEAPL 315 Paragonimus westermani
129359       337 g--NTLVLEAPL 346 Schistosoma mansoni
AAW24545     454 g--TTLVVEAPL 463 Schistosoma japonicum

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