Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd06402: PB1_p62 
The PB1 domain is an essential part of p62 scaffold protein (alias sequestosome 1,SQSTM) involved in cell signaling, receptor internalization, and protein turnover. The PB1 domain is a modular domain mediating specific protein-protein interaction which play roles in many critical cell processes. A canonical PB1-PB1 interaction, which involves heterodimerization of two PB1 domains, is required for the formation of macromolecular signaling complexes ensuring specificity and fidelity during cellular signaling. The interaction between two PB1 domain depends on the type of PB1. There are three types of PB1 domains: type I which contains an OPCA motif, acidic aminoacid cluster, type II which contains a basic cluster, and type I/II which contains both an OPCA motif and a basic cluster. Interactions of PB1 domains with other protein domains have been described as noncanonical PB1-interactions. The PB1 domain module is conserved in amoebas, fungi, animals, and plants.
PSSM-Id: 99723
Aligned: 9 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 130.531
Threshold Setting Gi: 156377106
Created: 27-Feb-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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AAX09928       3 LSVKAYLnfe-egnPEIRRFSIeqd-----------vsaSYEYLMEKIRRVYPSllr-knFQLFWRDEEEELVAFSSDEE 69  moon jelly
XP_001639077   3 LSVKAYLlqd-dgnQEIRRFAVdeg-----------vstNYDYLVQKVQSVFPNvrg-rgIRLYWKDSDEELVTFSSDEE 69  starlet sea ane...
XP_001178682   3 MTVKAYLkrgenanAEIRRFVIdva-----------vssNYEYLSKKVAQVFPSlgdpdyFSLSWKDSEGDNITFSSDDE 71  purple urchin
CAF90222       3 LTVKAYLlgkdeavKEVRRFAVdhd-----------vssSFEYLCRKTAEIFSNlkn-saFTMFYKDEDEDLVAFSSDDE 70  spotted green p...
NP_001079920   3 VTVKAYLlgkdeshKEIRRFQLelpvagkg--kaassgsSCEILANKVTDVFQGlkg-gaFQMFYKDEEGDLVAFSTDEE 79  African clawed ...
Q13501         4 LTVKAYLlgkedaaREIRRFSFccspepeaeaeaaagpgPCERLLSRVAALFPAlrp-ggFQAHYRDEDGDLVAFSSDEE 82  human
XP_001630703   3 VHIKAYLnag-teeEEIRRFSAdeg-----------aatSFLWLQEKIKSLFPPiqg-reVEISWHDEDGEVVRLSSDEE 69  starlet sea ane...
XP_001630698   4 ILVKAYLhpd-tqkQEIRRIHVdel-----------ttkKYCDFVPKVTAAFPElkeaenVKLFWKDQENDLICLSTDSE 71  starlet sea ane...
XP_001608187   9 VFLRKNNsrn-dnhAEIRRFAIdad-----------vvtNFTYLREKLQTVFPDlrg-krFTITWKDFENDEIVICSCEE 75  jewel wasp
AAX09928      70 LVIALGSss-gdNFRVYIKVQ 89  moon jelly
XP_001639077  70 LVEALGSln-gnVFRLFIKPV 89  starlet sea anemone
XP_001178682  72 LVEALGQin-ddTFRIYVKEK 91  purple urchin
CAF90222      71 LMMGLGCmk-daTFRIFIKEK 90  spotted green pufferfish
NP_001079920  80 LHMGLSLln-edVFRIYIKEK 99  African clawed frog
Q13501        83 LTMAMSYvk-ddIFRIYIKEK 102 human
XP_001630703  70 LTMALCSka-ddVLYVYVKMA 89  starlet sea anemone
XP_001630698  72 LSEAMSHqssddTVRVFLKTA 92  starlet sea anemone
XP_001608187  76 LVIALAElqkypLCKLFVTLH 96  jewel wasp
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