Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd06094: RP_Saci_like 
RP_Saci_like, retropepsin family.
Retropepsin on retrotransposons with long terminal repeats (LTR) including Saci-1, -2 and -3 of Schistosoma mansoni. Retropepsins are related to fungal and mammalian pepsins. While fungal and mammalian pepsins are bilobal proteins with structurally related N- and C-termini, retropepsins are half as long as their fungal and mammalian counterparts. The monomers are structurally related to one lobe of the pepsin molecule and retropepsins function as homodimers. The active site aspartate occurs within a motif (Asp-Thr/Ser-Gly), as it does in pepsin. Retroviral aspartyl protease is synthesized as part of the POL polyprotein that contains an aspartyl protease, a reverse transcriptase, RNase H, and an integrase. The POL polyprotein undergoes specific enzymatic cleavage to yield the mature proteins. In aspartate peptidases, Asp residues are ligands of an activated water molecule in all examples where catalytic residues have been identified. This group of aspartate peptidases is classified by MEROPS as the peptidase family A2 (retropepsin family, clan AA), subfamily A2A.
PSSM-Id: 133158
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Aligned: 16 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 134.671
Threshold Setting Gi: 47211608
Created: 15-Apr-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:inhibitor binding site

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                       # # #                    ###                                    # 
DAA04500       99 FYVHDyrTNARYLVDTGAQVSVVPignsks---qatmlRLRAANGsVIPTYGtrqLTVNLSNrrqYLWTFIIADVptAIL 175  Schistosoma m...
XP_001177707  143 FYVVDinSRVKFLVDTGAAVSVFPptkqqr--tcrstiTLKAANGsIIATYGrrsLTLNLGLrrkCQWVFVIADVsvPIL 220  purple urchin
XP_001600645  377 LHVSDrtSKLRFLVDTGSAISLLPrayfkrg-lrhaplTLSAANAsSISTYGshaLVLDLGLsrpFAWKFVIADVsnPIL 455  jewel wasp
XP_001599886  245 LHITDqsTKLRFLVDTGSAVSLLPlahfket-rrrsplTLSAANAsAIATYGthsLTLDLALakpLNWKFIVADVsdPIL 323  jewel wasp
XP_001600964  383 LHIQDriSGQFFLIDTGADISLLPavnsir--skpdslKLFAANGtKINTYGesyRTLDLGLrrpFAWNFCIAEVpsAII 460  jewel wasp
XP_001601685  332 LHVLDrtTNTSFLVDSGSVLSLLPrsavrdrklavqplRLVAANGtPVHTFGrrlVTLNLGLrraIPWPFVVADVpvAIL 411  jewel wasp
XP_001601142  455 LHVRDriSKEVFLIDTGADISVIPkpsnwq--gkptefKLYAVNGtTINVYGvarRELDVGLpykLAWNFTITDVphPII 532  jewel wasp
XP_001601180  345 LFIRDpsTSILFLVDTGSVATLVPksliktp-lnkqplTLHAANKsEIATYGihrLELSLGLrrnFACEAIVADVphAIL 423  jewel wasp
XP_001601509  194 LTLKDlkSGRRFLIDSGAEISVLPasykvn--skpssrKLYAANDtTIDTFGetfLLLDLGLnrpISWNFVIASVphAII 271  jewel wasp
AAT98609       23 LYVTDvtTKVRYLVDTDAEVSVLPanpddk--lresvfSLQAANGkPIATYGkryVYLNVGLrkpIHWIFVVADIamPII 100  Schistosoma m...
Feature 1                   
DAA04500      176 GIDFLQHYEL 185  Schistosoma mansoni
XP_001177707  221 GADFLHHFRL 230  purple urchin
XP_001600645  456 GADFLAHFGL 465  jewel wasp
XP_001599886  324 GADFLAHFGL 333  jewel wasp
XP_001600964  461 GADLLSHHGL 470  jewel wasp
XP_001601685  412 GADFLHHSGY 421  jewel wasp
XP_001601142  533 GADLLKHYHL 542  jewel wasp
XP_001601180  424 GADFLIQHSL 433  jewel wasp
XP_001601509  272 GADILYHYGL 281  jewel wasp
AAT98609      101 GIDLLQYHNL 110  Schistosoma mansoni

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