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cd05482: HIV_retropepsin_like 
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Retropepsins, pepsin-like aspartate proteases.
This is a subfamily of retropepsins. The family includes pepsin-like aspartate proteases from retroviruses, retrotransposons and retroelements. While fungal and mammalian pepsins are bilobal proteins with structurally related N- and C-termini, retropepsins are half as long as their fungal and mammalian counterparts. The monomers are structurally related to one lobe of the pepsin molecule and retropepsins function as homodimers. The active site aspartate occurs within a motif (Asp-Thr/Ser-Gly), as it does in pepsin. Retroviral aspartyl protease is synthesized as part of the POL polyprotein that contains an aspartyl protease, a reverse transcriptase, RNase H, and an integrase. The POL polyprotein undergoes specific enzymatic cleavage to yield the mature proteins. In aspartate peptidases, Asp residues are ligands of an activated water molecule in all examples where catalytic residues have been identified. This group of aspartate peptidases is classified by MEROPS as the peptidase family A2 (retropepsin family, clan AA), subfamily A2A.
PSSM-Id: 133149
Aligned: 24 rows
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Created: 3-Mar-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:catalytic motif [active site]
  • Comment:conserved catalytic motif DT/SG of retropepsin.
  • Citation:PMID 7664111

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                           ###                                                           
1B11_A         13 ILIFVn----gYPIKFLLDTGADITILNrrdfqvk--------nsiengrQNMIGVgGGKRGTNyi----nVHLEIRden 76   Feline immuno...
XP_797040     353 SSVNIc----gEELECILDSGAETSIIPssvyhgqleeklgnpkqmpgffLNVTGIgGVQLPIEgyv-evpIELEGQt-- 425  purple urchin
AAA49065      601 PVKQRs-----VYITALLDSGADITIISeedwptdw-------pvmeaanPQIHGIgGGIPMRKsrdmievGVINRDgsl 668  chicken
NP_617689      26 VTLVNsvsnkkVNAYAYLDTGSDAVVVPrdlwlkl--------glemthrSNVSAVgGIVTAWYt-----rINLEFLen- 91   Methanosarcin...
1YTG_A         11 VTIRIg----gQLKEALLDTGADDTVLEemnlp------------gkwkpKMIGGIgGFIKVRQyd----qIPVEICgh- 69   Escherichia coli
XP_427123      64 CTLYYrn--qsIILTGLLDTGADTSIITpgewpse--------wplqsstTTVTGVgGVTLASRtp----mLTVEID--- 126  chicken
1Q9P_A         11 VTIKIg----gQLKEALLDTGADDTVIEemslp------------grwkpKMIGGIgGFIKVRQyd----qIIIEIAgh- 69   Human immunod...
AAD49808      567 PDFQGpr---sIFVTALIDSGADVTVVAetewpss---------wpaeasQSIMGVgGATPSRRstnevqaVVINRDgsl 634  chicken
XP_001234100   27 PQKEGpr---tTLFTALLDSGADVTVIAeadwptn--------wpftshwQHIGGVgGTVPTKGaae--kvEIAIIDrrg 93   chicken
XP_001376225  128 MSLFVe----dRVISGILDSGADISVISatdwpes--------weviephQKLVGI-GTPEHILqs---anSLSWSDse- 190  gray short-ta...
Feature 1                                           
1B11_A         77 yktqcIFGNVCVLedn-----slIQPLLGRDNMI 105  Feline immunodeficiency virus
XP_797040     426 -----VLGSFLVAknrgngtsaqHSVLVGCNILH 454  purple urchin
AAA49065      669 --erpLLLFPAVAm--------vRGSILGRDCLQ 692  chicken
NP_617689      92 ----kHRNIIAFYqd-------dGDVLIGRNILD 114  Methanosarcina acetivorans C2A
1YTG_A         70 ----kAIGTVLVGp--------tPVNIIGRNLLT 91   Escherichia coli
XP_427123     127 -----GRRATAVFslal--lpptVSCLIGRDVLA 153  chicken
1Q9P_A         70 ----kAIGTVLVGp--------tPVNIIGRNLLT 91   Human immunodeficiency virus 1
AAD49808      635 --ekpALLTPLVAr--------vPGTLLGRDFLR 658  chicken
XP_001234100   94 mmeapVLVQPLVAp--------vEGSILGRDFLT 119  chicken
XP_001376225  191 ----gHRGTFKPYvl------diAQSLWGREVMS 214  gray short-tailed opossum

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