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cd03364: TOPRIM_DnaG_primases 
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TOPRIM_DnaG_primases: The topoisomerase-primase (TORPIM) nucleotidyl transferase/hydrolase domain found in the active site regions of proteins similar to Escherichia coli DnaG. Primases synthesize RNA primers for the initiation of DNA replication. DnaG type primases are often closely associated with DNA helicases in primosome assemblies. The TOPRIM domain has two conserved motifs, one of which centers at a conserved glutamate and the other one at two conserved aspartates (DxD). This glutamate and two aspartates, cluster together to form a highly acid surface patch. The conserved glutamate may act as a general base in nucleotide polymerization by primases. The DXD motif may co-ordinate Mg2+, a cofactor required for full catalytic function. E. coli DnaG is a single subunit enzyme.
PSSM-Id: 173784
Aligned: 119 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 54.0572
Created: 9-Jan-2006
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:active site [active site]

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1              ##  #                                              # # #                  
1DD9_A       164 NRLLVVEGYMDVVALAQYg----INYAVASLGTSTTa--dHIQLLFra-tnNVICCYDGDRAGr---------dAAWRAL 227  Escherichia coli
AAS96661     241 GGVLLCEGEGDCLCAFSHg----VRNAITQTGKPNEwpedHAEALAg---rDVVIAYDADQAGqky-----aeaAAKNLV 308  Desulfovibrio ...
CAE15962     281 NEIILCEALIDAMTFWCAg----FRNVIAAFGVNGFnr-eHLEALQyhgvkRVLIAFDRDEAGdr--------gATSVAA 347  Photorhabdus l...
AAN64202     253 ASLILCESLIDAMSFWVAg----YRNVTAAYGVNGFtp-dHWQALKqhqvrQVLIAFDNDPAGn---------dAAVKLA 318  Photorhabdus l...
BAD04654     302 KTIIIHEGFFDVISCLQHg----IKNVVGLICVAQLlsqtQMDILKke-kiKVIIALDNDETGr---------kRNAALG 367  Onion yellows ...
ZP_00371827  235 EKMILCEGHIDALSGGQYykqdgKALFVSFGGAFCIke-eVLTLLKg---kKVFICFDKDEAGlrg------qnALSKSL 304  Campylobacter ...
AAP44294     271 QTAILHEGFFDVLQSYQNq----IENVIGLITVSNNfspfILDFFKky-qiKVILGLDNDETGl---------kTAFRLS 336  Peanut witches...
YP_189156    242 KKAMIVEGEKSCLFSDTFyg--eDNFVVAICGSNMSk--yQAELLLnlgieEVIIAIDKEYMQvdtpefdeymkKVKKIG 317  Staphylococcus...
ZP_00242691  193 DRIMLTEGCLDLLASLAMg---tKRSIIGLPGCENWrd-dWFAKLKg---rDVLTAFDADEAGl---------aATQKIT 256  Rubrivivax gel...
Feature 1                            
1DD9_A       228 ETalpym--tdgrqLRFMFL 245  Escherichia coli
1DDE_A       228 ETalpym--tdgrqLRFMFL 245  Escherichia coli
AAS96661     309 RKgca------vriIRWPAF 322  Desulfovibrio vulgaris subsp. vulgaris str. Hildenborough
CAE15962     348 DLlea------gieAWRVQF 361  Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii TTO1
AAN64202     319 AEltat----giavFRVVFP 334  Photorhabdus luminescens
BAD04654     368 EQlkeqqipyeirrILSPYD 387  Onion yellows phytoplasma OY-M
ZP_00371827  305 SLle--------inHSVLTW 316  Campylobacter upsaliensis RM3195
AAP44294     337 QQlkrln---ienyIKTIPH 353  Peanut witches'-broom phytoplasma
YP_189156    318 KLfap------yiqTYHLTD 331  Staphylococcus epidermidis RP62A
ZP_00242691  257 PVlqka----gaskVDAYEL 272  Rubrivivax gelatinosus PM1

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