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cd02193: PurL 
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Formylglycinamide ribonucleotide amidotransferase (FGAR-AT) catalyzes the ATP-dependent conversion of formylglycinamide ribonucleotide (FGAR) and glutamine to formylglycinamidine ribonucleotide (FGAM), ADP, phosphate, and glutamate in the fourth step of the purine biosynthetic pathway. In eukaryotes and Gram-negative bacteria, FGAR-AT is encoded by the purL gene as a multidomain protein with a molecular mass of about 140 kDa. In Gram-positive bacteria and archaea FGAR-AT is a complex of three proteins: PurS, PurL, and PurQ. PurL itself contains two tandem N- and C-terminal domains (four domains altogether). The N-terminal domains bind ATP and are related to the ATP-binding domains of HypE, ThiL, SelD and PurM.
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Created: 31-Jul-2008
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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ATP bindingdimerization
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Feature 1:ATP binding site [chemical binding site]
  • Structure:1T3T; Salmonella FGAR-AT with bound ADP, 3.5 A
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  • Comment:The N- and C-terminal repeats of PurL bind ATP/ADP

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                                 #   #                                                
1T3T_A     295 AHILMKVETHNHPTAISPWPGAATGSGGEIRDEGatgr-gakpKAGLVGFSVsnlripgfeqpweedfgkperivtaldI 373  Salmonella typhi...
1T3T_A     699 YGEAMSIGERAPVALLDFAASARLAVGEALTNIAatqigdikrIKLSANWMAaaghp------------------gedaG 760  Salmonella typhi...
1VK3_A      75 YSVAFKIESHNHPSAIEPYNGAATGVGGIIRDVLaxg---arpTAIFDSLHXs-------------------------rI 126  Thermotoga maritima
Feature 1                           ###                                                        
1T3T_A     374 MTEGPLGGA-AFNNEFGRpALTGYFRTyeekvnshngeelrgyhkPIMLAGGIGNIRadhvqk--geivvGAKLIVLGgp 450  Salmonella typhi...
1T3T_A     761 LYDAVKAVGeELCPQLGLtIPVGKDSMsmktrwqegneqremtspLSLVISAFARVEdvrhtltpqlsteDNALLLIDlg 840  Salmonella typhi...
1VK3_A     127 IDGIIEGIA-DYGNSIGVpTVGGELRIssly-----------ahnPLVNVLAAGVVRndxlvd-skasrpGQVIVIFGga 193  Thermotoga maritima
Feature 1                                                                                      
1T3T_A     451 amniglgggaassmasgqsdadldfasvqrdnpeMERRCQEVIDRCwqlgdanpilFIHDVGagglsnAMPELVsdggRG 530  Salmonella typhi...
1T3T_A     841 kghnalgatalaqv-----yrqlgdkpadvrdvaQLKGFYDAMQALvaar---kllAWHDRSdggllvTLAEMAfaghCG 912  Salmonella typhi...
1VK3_A     194 tgrdgihgasfased--ltgdkatklsiqvgdpfAEKXLIEAFLEXveeg---lveGAQDLGaggvlsATSELVakgnLG 268  Thermotoga maritima
Feature 1                                                                  
1T3T_A     531 GKFELrdilsdepgmspleiwcnesQERYVLAVAadqlplfde--lckrerapYAVIGDA 588  Salmonella typhimurium
1T3T_A     913 VQVDIaalgddh------laalfneELGGVIQVRaedrdaveallaqygladcVHYLGQA 966  Salmonella typhimurium
1VK3_A     269 AIVHLdrvplrepdxepweilisesQERXAVVTSpqkasrile--iarkhllfGDVVAEV 326  Thermotoga maritima

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