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cd00298: ACD_sHsps_p23-like 
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This domain family includes the alpha-crystallin domain (ACD) of alpha-crystallin-type small heat shock proteins (sHsps) and a similar domain found in p23-like proteins. sHsps are small stress induced proteins with monomeric masses between 12 -43 kDa, whose common feature is this ACD. sHsps are generally active as large oligomers consisting of multiple subunits, and are believed to be ATP-independent chaperones that prevent aggregation and are important in refolding in combination with other Hsps. p23 is a cochaperone of the Hsp90 chaperoning pathway. It binds Hsp90 and participates in the folding of a number of Hsp90 clients including the progesterone receptor. p23 also has a passive chaperoning activity. p23 in addition may act as the cytosolic prostaglandin E2 synthase. Included in this family is the p23-like C-terminal CHORD-SGT1 (CS) domain of suppressor of G2 allele of Skp1 (Sgt1) and the p23-like domains of human butyrate-induced transcript 1 (hB-ind1), NUD (nuclear distribution) C, Melusin, and NAD(P)H cytochrome b5 (NCB5) oxidoreductase (OR).
PSSM-Id: 107219
Aligned: 1146 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 27.9387
Created: 6-Mar-2002
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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1GME_A        48 WKETpeAHVFKADLPGvk---keEVKVEVEdgnVLVVSGErtkekedkndkwhrverssGKFVRRFrLLEDAKVe---eV 121 bread wheat
NP_609491      4 ISQTeeDIKISIELNRlv---trKPDVVLL---PQYLKFNn------------------PPIFFERhLAQEIDEm---aS 56  fruit fly
XP_971936     10 WSQTdnTVTIKVPLRGih---hsKVDIFYS---KLYIKASf------------------EQYFFEVfLYKQIDPk---tS 62  red flour beetle
CAJ20296       9 WSETsdTVAFALCIPVlssfhtpDVRRIIS---PLYIRISs------------------PPYFFEVdLFDEIDDe---tV 64  Toxoplasma gond...
XP_829662     30 WEQTntEVLLRITIKGfk---keAIDIFVS---DLLVKVNa-----------------sPTYLLVLdLLHPIDEa---kS 83  Trypanosoma bru...
XP_001467975   9 WEQTgeDVLLHITIKGck---kdAVDVLIA---DVFVKVNa-----------------pPQYLLALdLLHAIDSs---kS 62  Leishmania infa...
XP_001007966  28 WYQDnkIVKIRIPIKGit---mkKIDIFIS---DLVLKINit----------------eKKWVRVLdLKHEIDFqgqenN 85  Tetrahymena the...
YP_001211180 103 VFETagEVSIHIVLPElas--rnDLALFISp-eALELSGTmvcggta------ggdkrtENFHKTVrLPAPVDPs---gA 170 Pelotomaculum t...
YP_001487187  55 VTEDeqFVYIAIQFPDhfv--egDIALEVKa-qYLHLSVQetiktd--------tassySSFTKTIlMPAKIDEt---nM 120 Bacillus pumilu...
Q45058        44 LYETsqQYIIEADLTFlq---ptQVTVTLSg-cEFILTVKss----------------gQTFEKQMmLPFYFNDk---nI 100 Bacillus subtilis
1GME_A       122 KAGLEn----GVLTVTVPK 136 bread wheat
NP_609491     57 FCRIFk----NEARIVLVK 71  fruit fly
XP_971936     63 SCTFTs----THILFELIK 77  red flour beetle
CAJ20296      65 DASLSg----AHLVLRLRK 79  Toxoplasma gondii RH
XP_829662     84 THFMDpe-drTCLRVRLRK 101 Trypanosoma brucei TREU927
XP_001467975  63 SQYFTdaqdgIILHVKLHK 81  Leishmania infantum JPCM5
XP_001007966  86 VVYAN-----EVLEIILVK 99  Tetrahymena thermophila SB210
YP_001211180 171 SAVYRn----GTMYVRAPK 185 Pelotomaculum thermopropionicum SI
YP_001487187 121 KSVWKd----QTLRVTAPK 135 Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032
Q45058       101 QVECEn----QILTVAVNK 115 Bacillus subtilis
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