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cd00206: snake_toxin 
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Snake toxin domain, present in short and long neurotoxins, cytotoxins and short toxins, and in other miscellaneous venom peptides. The toxin acts by binding to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the postsynaptic membrane of skeletal muscles and preventing the binding of acetylcholine, thereby blocking the excitation of muscles. This domain contains 60-75 amino acids that are fixed by 4-5 disulfide bridges and is nearly all beta sheet; it exists as either monomers or dimers.
PSSM-Id: 119411
Aligned: 31 rows
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Created: 1-Nov-2000
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:receptor binding site
  • Comment:receptor binding is achieved mainly through these 2 fingers in the toxin
  • Comment:fasciculin (FAS); acetylcholinesterase (AChE)
  • Comment:FAS is a three-fingered toxin which is a powerful reversible inhibitor of AChE
  • Structure:1FSS; FASII and AChE receptor
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  • Citation:PMID 8747462
  • Structure:1HOY: Bungarotoxin binds a mimotype of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, contacts at 4A
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Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1         #         #              ##       ######                           
1FSS_B     1 TMCYSHttt---srAILTNC--GENSCYRKSRRh----pPKMVLGRGCG--CPPGDdn-leVKCCTSpDKCN 60  eastern green mamba
1KBA_A     1 RTCLISp------sSTPQTCpnGQDICFLKAQCdkfcsiRGPVIEQGCVatCPQFRsnyrsLLCCTT-DNCN 65  many-banded krait
1QKD_A     1 RICFNHqss---qpQTTKTCspGESSCYNKQWSd----fRGTIIERGCG--CPTVKpg-ikLSCCES-EVCN 61  broad-banded blue sea krait
1HOY_A     1 XVCHTTat----spISAVTCppGENLCYRKMWCdafcssRGKVVELGCAatCPSKKpy-eeVTCCST-DKCN 66  many-banded krait
128921     1 RICYIAp-------YDHKTCaaGENICYLKAWCdawcssRGKKLEFGCAatCPTVKpg-vdISCCDT-DNCN 63  shield snake
128922     1 LSCYLGy-------KHSQTCppGENVCFVKTWCdgfcntRGERIIMGCAatCPTAKsg-vhIACCST-DNCN 63  Stokes's sea snake
128955     1 LTCYKGr------dRSSETCrsEQELCCTKTWCdqwcqdRGPRLEMGCTatCPRRMpg-ldFTCCTT-DNCN 64  mulga snake
128959     1 RICLNQqqstpedqPTNGQCy-IKTDCQNKTWNt----hRGSRTDRGCG--CPKVKpg-inLRCCKT-DKCN 63  banded krait
136571     1 FTCFTTp------sDTSETCpiGNNICYEKRWSg-----HGMQIEKGCVasCPSFEshykfLLCCRI-ENCN 60  ringhals
AAF75223  22 LTCYKRy-------FDTVVCkpQETICYRYIIPat---hGNAITTRGCStsCPSGIr----LVCCST-DLCN 78  eastern brown snake

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