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cd00033: CCP 
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Complement control protein (CCP) modules (aka short consensus repeats SCRs or SUSHI repeats) have been identified in several proteins of the complement system
SUSHI repeats (short complement-like repeat, SCR) are abundant in complement control proteins. The complement control protein (CCP) modules (also known as short consensus repeats SCRs or SUSHI repeats) contain approximately 60 amino acid residues and have been identified in several proteins of the complement system. Typically, 2 to 4 modules contribute to a binding site, implying that the orientation of the modules to each other is critical for function.
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Created: 1-Nov-2000
Updated: 2-Oct-2020
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Feature 1:receptor-ligand interactions
  • Comment:ligation of CR2 by C3d-bound antigens on the surface of a B cell enhances the induction of the IgG response.
  • Structure:1GHQ_B; CR2-C3d interface
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Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1                   #                      #                                    
1CKL_A       1 CEEPPTFe---AMELigkp---kpyYEIGERVDYKCKK--GYFYipplaTHTICDr----NHTWLPvsddaCY 61   human
1GHQ_B      72 CPEPIVP----GGYKirg----stpYRHGDSVTFACKT--NFSMng--nKSVWCQa----NNMWGPtrlptCV 128  human
1GHQ_B       4 CGSPPPIl---NGRIsyy----stpIAVGTVIRYSCSG--TFRLig--eKSLLCItkdkvDGTWDKpa-pkCE 64   human
266514      23 CPTRNQYvsvkYVNLtny----sgpYPNGTTLHVTCRE--GYAKrp--vQTVTCV-----NGNWTVpk--kCQ 80   Herpesvirus saimiri (ST...
1085718    870 CTLTAVPd---NVRMtpraa-lknqMRKGQKLKFACTDr-RDTLlg--kAEVECLd----NGKWSYpf-ptCG 930  barred sand bass
1085718    807 CEIGVMPt---HVSVvglpp-gtktIKAGQKLQLQCDN--AQPVdr--pAEIECLq----TGEWNAaf-paCG 866  barred sand bass
1176795   1169 CSSLNLNl---NSTTrptsseikdsYSVGEKIYHICEKdySFEIalqplKIYQCLn----GGAWSGtp-ekCV 1233 Caenorhabditis elegans
1685117    411 CETPSVP----SGSFvig-----ydYNVHSKIQYNCDP--GHIMdg--tPVLECLd----SGEWSAda-pyCE 465  fruit fly
1718253     25 CSQKTLI----GYRLkmsr---dgdIAVGETVELRCRS--GYTTya-rnITATCLq----GGTWSEpt-atCN 82   Kaposi's sarcoma-associ...
Q26422     142 CPLLPSDs--qVQEVrn-------pPDNPQTIDYSCSP--GFKLkg--mARISCLp----NGQWSNfp-pkCI 196  Southeast Asian horsesh...

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