Conserved Protein Domain Family

TIGR03058: rpt_csmH 
chlorosome envelope protein H repeat
CsmH, as studied in Chlorobium tepidum, is one of at least ten surface-exposed proteins of the chloroplast, a bacteriochlorophyll-rich structure with a lipid-protein envelope. CsmH contain typically three copies of a repeated sequence, represented by this model. [Energy metabolism, Photosynthesis]
PSSM-Id: 132102
Aligned: 8 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 37.7637
Created: 8-Oct-2014
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
Aligned Rows:
Sequence Alignment
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WP_011358147  43 ESVQGVINSVSSATGQLIEGVTTTINS 69  Pelodictyon luteolum
WP_010933084  73 EPVKEIINNVNSVSGQIIEGVTNTLKS 99  Chlorobaculum tepidum
WP_010933084  46 ESVQGVISTVSSATGQIIEGVTTTINS 72  Chlorobaculum tepidum
WP_011362611 117 SPVQGVLDSVSSATGQLLEGVTTTINS 143 Chlorobium chlorochromatii
WP_011362611  74 EPVQGVINSVNSVTDKLVSGVANSVNP 100 Chlorobium chlorochromatii
WP_011362611  47 VTVQSAVSTVSSTTEQIMQSVTTAINS 73  Chlorobium chlorochromatii
WP_011358147  97 DQVKEMISTVSSATGQLVDGVTATLNS 123 Pelodictyon luteolum
WP_011358147  70 DQVKEMISTVSSATGQLVDGVTSTMNS 96  Pelodictyon luteolum
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