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pfam12661: hEGF 
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Human growth factor-like EGF
hEGF, or human growth factor-like EGF, domains have six conserved residues disulfide-bonded into the characteristic 'ababcc' pattern. They are involved in growth and proliferation of cells, in proteins of the Notch/Delta pathway, neurogulin and selectins. hEGFs are also found in mosaic proteins with four-disulfide laminin EGFs such as aggrecan and perlecan. The core fold of the EGF domain consists of two small beta-hairpins packed against each other. Two major structural variants have been identified based on the structural context of the C-terminal Cys residue of disulfide 'c' in the C-terminal hairpin: hEGFs and cEGFs. In hEGFs the C-terminal thiol resides in the beta-turn, resulting in shorter loop-lengths between the Cys residues of disulfide 'c', typically C[8-9]XC. These shorter loop-lengths are also typical of the four-disulfide EGF domains, laminin ad integrin. Tandem hEGF domains have six linking residues between terminal cysteines of adjacent domains. hEGF domains may or may not bind calcium in the linker region. hEGF domains with the consensus motif CXD4X[F,Y]XCXC are hydroxylated exclusively in the Asp residue.
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Sequence Alignment
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2YGQ_A        251 CRNGGKCI---GK-SKCKCSKGY 269  human
XP_001622944  357 CVNAISCKdngNS-VDCQCKPGF 378  starlet sea anemone
XP_002403288 2508 SPQH-SRR------LDCQCKPGF 2523 black-legged tick
Q766V2         52 CQHHGGCQvieDR-PICSCKPGF 73   chicken
XP_001623141    6 CGRG-LCKeltRTtYMCICKEGF 27   starlet sea anemone
KTF78971      550 CDYG-ICRdgiNR-YECVCKPGF 570  common carp
XP_002609264  170 CKYG-KCE---NG--RCVCDEGF 186  Florida lancelet
EDO30849       35 CYPGVKCReipDG-YECACPAGF 56   starlet sea anemone
XP_002117917  227 CIYG-ACLsqnDG-YYCRCNAGF 247  Trichoplax adhaerens
XP_002600101   10 CGDN-QCIdqlRN-YSCICKDGF 30   Florida lancelet
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