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pfam12265: CAF1C_H4-bd 
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Histone-binding protein RBBP4 or subunit C of CAF1 complex
The CAF-1 complex is a conserved heterotrimeric protein complex that promotes histone H3 and H4 deposition onto newly synthesized DNA during replication or DNA repair; specifically it facilitates replication-dependent nucleosome assembly with the major histone H3 (H3.1). This domain is an alpha helix which sits just upstream of the WD40 seven-bladed beta-propeller in the human RbAp46 protein. RbAp46 folds into the beta-propeller and binds histone H4 in a groove formed between this N-terminal helix and an extended loop inserted into blade six.
PSSM-Id: 403473
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Aligned: 233 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 36.4135
Threshold Setting Gi: 384486790
Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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4XYH_A         28 EEYKLWKQNVpflYDLVI-TEALEWPSLTVEW----------------FPGsErslAdnssiqkLLL-GTQTSgNDQNYL 89  Schizosaccharo...
CCD77134       55 DEELVMDKRA---YRMFF-ELEVEFPSLSFDIltdnlgfd-rcvevngEAH-S---V-------CLIsGTEAPkDNQNKL 118 Schistosoma ma...
CUT99235       38 DEELVMDKSA---YRLYY-HLQVEAPSLSFEPlldclgdsrevemngvDPL-T---I-------YLAaGTQAQeEKDNGI 102 Echinococcus m...
EGW32609       95 DEVLEADPSV---YEMLH-NINLPWPCLTVDIlpdnlg-----derrsFPA-S---V-------YMAtATQASkAKDNEL 154 Spathaspora pa...
CCH59742      120 DEVLEPDMSV---YEMLH-NVNLSWPCMSLDIipdslg-----nerrnYPQ-S---I-------LLTtATQASkKKDNEL 179 Tetrapisispora...
XP_003671692  106 DEVLEADPTV---YEMLH-NVNVPWPCLTLDIipdslg-----serrnYPQ-S---L-------LMTtATQASkKKENEL 165 Naumovozyma da...
CAM40749      145 pMKLEFSNKA---YDAFF-QLRTEYPCLSFDVvkdnk------enhtkYPL-S---T-------VLVcGTQADeQARNEL 203 Leishmania bra...
Q386K4        141 CQKLDYSNKA---YDSFF-QLRTEYPSLSFHVvreqesst-gggcttkYPL-S---L-------TLVcGSQAEeSSKNQL 204 Trypanosoma br...
Q4DXX2        146 pqQLVYSNKA---YDSFF-QLRTEYPSLSFDVlrdrdt-----anhskYPL-S---L-------TLVcGSQADeLSKNQL 205 Trypanosoma cruzi
10_pfamImport   1 DEEHEPLELL-----FIHgSHTAKIPD--FSW----------------NPSe-----------pWVI-CSVTE---DNTM 42 
4XYH_A         90 QVASVQLPT 98  Schizosaccharomyces japonicus yFS275
CCD77134      119 IVMRLSNMl 127 Schistosoma mansoni
CUT99235      103 IVMRLSNMR 111 Echinococcus multilocularis
EGW32609      155 IVMKASSLa 163 Spathaspora passalidarum NRRL Y-27907
CCH59742      180 MILQLSQLT 188 Tetrapisispora blattae CBS 6284
XP_003671692  166 MVLSLSNLT 174 Naumovozyma dairenensis CBS 421
CAM40749      204 LVLYVTNMC 212 Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/BR/75/M2904
Q386K4        205 YILRVTNIC 213 Trypanosoma brucei
Q4DXX2        206 YVLRIQNIC 214 Trypanosoma cruzi
10_pfamImport  43 QVWQMAEN- 50 
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