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pfam10495: PACT_coil_coil 
Pericentrin-AKAP-450 domain of centrosomal targeting protein
This domain is a coiled-coil region close to the C-terminus of centrosomal proteins that is directly responsible for recruiting AKAP-450 and pericentrin to the centrosome. Hence the suggested name for this region is a PACT domain (pericentrin-AKAP-450 centrosomal targeting). This domain is also present at the C-terminus of coiled-coil proteins from Drosophila and S. pombe, and that from the Drosophila protein is sufficient for targeting to the centrosome in mammalian cells. The function of these proteins is unknown but they seem good candidates for having a centrosomal or spindle pole body location. The final 22 residues of this domain in AKAP-450 appear specifically to be a calmodulin-binding domain indicating that this member at least is likely to contribute to centrosome assembly.
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Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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XP_007797533        1225 RWEREAKLRNDAAFAKRFLGLQLEVAEACNKADLRILRGIHKQLgisspdsllsasrqkqqqersallygggggggggdn 1304 Eutypa...
WGS:AAQB:GK18028-PB 2539 RYLRVESHRKALVYQKRYLKLTLESYQASEQMAMQAIAGGQGAT------------------------------------ 2582 Drosop...
Q400N1               918 RYLRVESHRKALVYQKRYLKLTLEGYQASEQLALQNLRGga--------------------------------------- 958  fruit fly
ESO02243             774 nwIRSESQRQSLVYQKFYLTTLLSAYQKNEDDYTELLSAMLGCDyendesv----------------------------- 824  Helobd...
XP_001847789         889 KYLRSESHRKALVHQKRYLQIVLATNEENELKALQLLTAQGLTPnp---------------------------------- 934  southe...
Q176E0              2849 KYLRSESHRKALVHQKRYLQIVLTTYEENEAKALQLLNAQNVPMgiqgls------------------------------ 2898 yellow...
ETN60687            1222 KYLRSESHRKALVHQKRYLQIVLTTYEENEARALALLNAQLPPGqlevlala---------------------------- 1273 Anophe...
XP_008211897        2625 KYLRSDSRRKALIYQKHYLVCIIAGYQLLEENTFAFLAQLTQTQrtya-------------------------------- 2672 jewel ...
EFN87444            2794 KYLRVESRRRALAFQKRYLLCILGSYQYCAENTLYVLAQLTRDQrsyt-------------------------------- 2841 Jerdon...
XP_011059726        2847 KYLRVESRRKALAYQKKYLLCIVGSYQYCEENTLCVLAQLTQDQrsya-------------------------------- 2894 Panama...
XP_007797533        1305 hnkkdssnrkkkpayhEVRAKAQHNLRVFATVLRAAARMRVDASRW 1350 Eutypa lata UCREL1
WGS:AAQB:GK18028-PB 2583 ----------------VQKRPKKKLFKTVALAIIAIQRIKYIGRIW 2612 Drosophila willistoni
Q400N1               959 --------------eqPPQRNIKKKFKTVALAIIAIQRIKYIGRIW 990  fruit fly
ESO02243             825 ----------rrnkntILISSYKRKFKKIFVVIVFVVRVVKLAKVl 860  Helobdella robusta
XP_001847789         935 --------------pePTSPKNRRSFRAVVTAVIAIERMRFIVRKW 966  southern house mosquito
Q176E0              2899 ----------lakpnaDENHPRRKSFRSVVTAIIAIERMKFIVRKW 2934 yellow fever mosquito
ETN60687            1274 --------sgprsldsTTSRPRRKSFRSIVTVVVAIERMKYLVRKW 1311 Anopheles darlingi
XP_008211897        2673 -------------rrgMHRHHARVRFRSAVLVVISLQRMKWLILRW 2705 jewel wasp
EFN87444            2842 -------------rlpHG----KVRLKIIVLVVISTLRMKWLIQRW 2870 Jerdon's jumping ant
XP_011059726        2895 -------------rlsRNR---KVRFRIAVFAIISIHRMKWLIQRW 2924 Panamanian leafcutter ant
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