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pfam10471: ANAPC_CDC26 
Anaphase-promoting complex APC subunit CDC26
The anaphase-promoting complex (APC) or cyclosome is a cell cycle-regulated ubiquitin-protein ligase that regulates important events in mitosis such as the initiation of anaphase and exit from telophase. The APC, in conjunction with other enzymes, assembles multi-ubiquitin chains on a variety of regulatory proteins thereby targeting them for proteolysis by the 26S proteasome. CDC26 is one of the nine or so subunits identified within APC but its exact function is not known. The APC/C becomes active at the metaphase/anaphase transition and remains active during G1 phase. One mechanism linked to activation of the APC/C is phosphorylation. The yeast APC/C is composed of at least 13 subunits, but the function of many of the subunits is unknown. Hcn1 is the smallest subunit of the S. pombe APC/C, and is found to be essential for cell viability, APC/C integrity, and proper APC/C regulation. In addition, Hcn1 phosphorylation indicates a specific role for the phosphorylation of this subunit late in the cell cycle.
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Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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Q6FPM6                1 MIRREATTLTLSQT-DINDLVDEleerklqriinKQRDRVLRTSTKLESGSEDTRLASRDNNDDGIalqynng--desle 77  [Candida...
A0DGI2                1 MIIRKPTTITLKPEdDYQEYEDF-----------KKRQDEQKKSQMQQKKEMFTWSQQQQAQAIYQ-------------- 55  Parameci...
Q22DQ5                1 MIIRKPTKIELKPEdDFEEYEMY-----------KQEQHEQLSKYNKNQDNCIGQFGSDFGIGIHTs------------- 56  Tetrahym...
EFA75009              1 MISRKATRIELNIE-DIEEYEQL-----------KREQTQEYNQMLRMNAQTTPKEGMNIEKKLPLvn------------ 56  Heterost...
XP_003726753          1 MIKRGPTRIVLKLE-DLEEFDNI-----------KKELEQKRIAEQVVGLNTSEKNGQAGTSNGAAahq----------e 58  purple s...
XP_001991000          1 MLKRNLQRIHLTLA-DLEEYQAL-----------RRRNKLRATIDASRSSSSSVTATATE-------------------- 48  Drosophi...
CAR23241              1 MIRREPTVIGLSPE-DLAELEEElee-----fklQREIKAQQRNLQRSATVLAEADLLESEAPVRDdt-----------t 63  Lachance...
XP_002497123          1 MLRRPPTTLQLAQD-DVSELIAElee-----eklQQRIQSQRKNLIRSSTRVESGRSDDGRLSEPAgids--------sf 66  Zygosacc...
EER33998              1 MLRRDATTIKLSPE-DILEYDESi----------EQQKQRQQKNHQSVQGHHNP--------SDFIpcnilqeqmnnssh 61  Candida ...
Q6FPM6               78 dAVPIDSFI 86  [Candida] glabrata
A0DGI2               56 --APKNTRR 62  Paramecium tetraurelia
Q22DQ5               57 -NRYNQQLS 64  Tetrahymena thermophila SB210
EFA75009             57 tSNPSNTNT 65  Heterostelium album PN500
XP_003726753         59 tVVPAGEVV 67  purple sea urchin
WGS:AAQB:GK16060-PA  67 sSTTAGTPS 75  Drosophila willistoni
XP_001991000         49 ---TAPSTD 54  Drosophila grimshawi
CAR23241             64 hESPLQKPL 72  Lachancea thermotolerans CBS 6340
XP_002497123         67 qISPLDGKR 75  Zygosaccharomyces rouxii
EER33998             62 dIMPDYKEE 70  Candida tropicalis MYA-3404
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