Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam09699: Paired_CXXCH_1 
Doubled CXXCH motif (Paired_CXXCH_1)
This entry represents a domain of about 41 amino acids that contains, among other motifs, two copies of the motif CXXCH associated with haem binding. This domain is predicted to be a high molecular weight c-type cytochrome and is often found in multiple copies. Members are found mostly in species of Shewanella, Geobacter, and Vibrio.
PSSM-Id: 401586
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Aligned: 153 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 35.4148
Threshold Setting Gi: 123750149
Created: 21-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
Sequence Alignment
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Q222P3       229 HGPVASK-DCNDCHEPHGG-DLFRLInqdyppefyapyDAKNYGLCFGCHREKAF 281 Rhodoferax ferrireducens T118
Q21R23       215 HEPVTED--CSNCHNAHGT-TVASML------------KARPPLLCQQCHTPHAQ 254 Rhodoferax ferrireducens T118
Q747P7       238 HKPISQAkSCGSCHSAHFS-PAKGLL------------AVDQKNLCLGCHGQDGL 279 Geobacter sulfurreducens
Q74A96       156 HMPVAQG--CLNCHDPHASaKNPYLL------------KSDIIPLCVGCHKTDRP 196 Geobacter sulfurreducens
Q2IE30       166 HKPVEND--CATCHEIHGSaAAPSLL------------KKDAPDLCVGCHRPDGA 206 Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 2CP-C
Q2IG32       184 HAPVTEGrACATCHDPHAA-RHEALL------------TAPAFELCVGCHSKDGM 225 Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 2CP-C
ABS26040     158 HAPVQNG--CASCHESHASaKAPSIL------------KAAVPALCIGCHKTDKP 198 Anaeromyxobacter sp. Fw109-5
WP_011939609 241 HKPLQEQgSCGNCHSPHFS-KVKGLL------------PYDEQTVCLGCHGNDSL 282 Geobacter uraniireducens
WP_011815166 232 HQPVAED--CTHCHNPHGS-IHPNML------------EARTAQLCQSCHVTTGH 271 Halorhodospira halophila
WP_011940435 223 HSPVKED--CLTCHSSHGS-SNDKML------------VTKVPRLCQECHMQGRH 262 Geobacter uraniireducens
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