Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam08015: Pheromone 
Fungal mating-type pheromone
This family corresponds to mating-type pheromone proteins. The homobasidiomycetes, or mushroom fungi, have arguably the most complex mating system of all known organisms. Many species possess a mating system known as bifactorial incompatibility, where two unlinked loci control the mating -type of an individual incompatibility loci (the A and B mating-type loci). Each A mating-type sublocus encodes a pair of divergently transcribed homeodomain transcription factors while the genes responsible for B mating-type activity encode lipopeptide pheromones and G-protein -coupled pheromone receptors.
PSSM-Id: 369652
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Aligned: 38 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 32.1702
Threshold Setting Gi: 3023374
Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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EFI93345  1 MDS--FTTLSLLdgtmptfeddmpvsfldaalslsgdcfssQSSASSSRSTPFASPSPSSpspnllSSAKAATDPHLVVN 78  Schizophyllum commun...
Q875K4    1 MDKepLAQIRPArr--------------------------iHLYRARLPSSTLGARSKRRpdsacrSNAGLVIRIGLIRD 54  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q9UVM8    1 MSDa-FTTLDTVdlf------------------------ieENEQEVVEVPSCPPPRRPSfssadaESIFLTVEEVNDLP 55  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74277    1 MSDs-FISFDSVv---------------------------gPAHSEASETIAIVDSQSSQlsaidpRLSSTSLDELNDLP 52  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q6TMB4    1 MSDt-FTSLDIVlyga----------------------aprRDSDALDSAALFVNSQSVEsstivpQLSSISVDEINDLP 57  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q6TMB2    1 MTDs-FKSLDLVlsate-------------------drlstPCDFHNTTVAAFPCAVGDAtddnlhVRSALSVEDINDLP 60  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q875K5    1 MTDs-FTSLDQLlfaee-------------------afgdaPVADSRLPTSNAMASAADTi----aPSSSISLDGINDLP 56  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74276    1 MDS--FAAIDFA-----------------------------------------EFGETPVel---pSSAPSKDDDIMQRL 34  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q9UVM9    1 MDS--GNTVDLA-----------------------------------------ELCDMDPnigftpDSSAPTEDNVAKQL 37  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74278    1 MDT--YSTFDPS-------------------------------------LLEELGLTADIlivsskPTPSLSTEPVDEVP 41  Coprinopsis cinerea
EFI93345 79 ADSPCGFGG-----GYCVV 92  Schizophyllum commune H4-8
Q875K4   55 VPYERRTQGgsgptWFCII 73  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q9UVM8   56 VDYERRTQGgggltWFCVI 74  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74277   53 VEFERRTHGgngltFWCVI 71  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q6TMB4   58 VDFERRTQGgngltFWCVI 76  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q6TMB2   61 TDFERRTGNgg-psWFCVI 78  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q875K5   57 ADFERRTFGssgptWWCVN 75  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74276   35 VDSDRRLPDsy-ygGACVI 52  Coprinopsis cinerea
Q9UVM9   38 VDSDQRLPGgy-ygGQCII 55  Coprinopsis cinerea
O74278   42 RDEERAGPGdt-pgGFCVI 59  Coprinopsis cinerea
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