Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam07442: Ponericin 
This family contains a number of ponericin peptides (approximately 30 residues long) from the venom of the predatory ant Pachycondyla goeldii. These peptides exhibit antibacterial and insecticidal properties, and may adopt an amphipathic alpha-helical structure in polar environments such as cell membranes.
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Created: 22-Mar-2022
Updated: 13-Oct-2022
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Sequence Alignment
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P82417  1 DFKDWMKTAGEWLKKKGPGILKAAMAAAT 29  Pachycondyla goeldii
P82416  1 GWKDWLNKGKEWLKKKGPGIMKAALKAAT 29  Pachycondyla goeldii
P82414  1 GWKDWAKKAGGWLKKKGPGMAKAALKAAM 29  Pachycondyla goeldii
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