Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam05792: Candida_ALS 
Candida agglutinin-like (ALS)
This family consists of several agglutinin-like proteins from different Candida species. ALS genes of Candida albicans encode a family of cell-surface glycoproteins with a three-domain structure. Each Als protein has a relatively conserved N-terminal domain, a central domain consisting of a tandemly repeated motif of variable number, and a serine-threonine-rich C-terminal domain that is relatively variable across the family. The ALS family exhibits several types of variability that indicate the importance of considering strain and allelic differences when studying ALS genes and their encoded proteins. Fungal adhesins, which include sexual agglutinins, virulence factors, and flocculins, are surface proteins that mediate cell-cell and cell-environment interactions. It is possible that both the serine/threonine-rich domain and the cysteine residues in the C-terminal and DIPSY pfam11763 participate in anchoring the terminal domains inside the wall, so that only the inner part of Map4p, including the repeat region, is sticking out as a fold-back loop then able to act in adhesing.
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Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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Q0U9R7       3358 TTITTPYTGSS--ATTRTLFpSLPgsnrlsGQI-----GTIVVQVP 3396 Parastagonospora nodorum SN15
EER32126      400 TTVYKPWTGEGttTYTVT--------------AsddsiDTVVIETP 431  Candida tropicalis MYA-3404
EER32211      400 TTVYTSWTGVGttSYTIT--------------AstdsiDTVFVETP 431  Candida tropicalis MYA-3404
EMG45689      547 TTVTTFWTGST--ANTVTRT-NSP------QNT-----DTVFVQqp 578  Candida maltosa Xu316
EMG49160      655 TTVTTFWTGST--PTTITQT-HGP------LGT-----DTVIVQEP 686  Candida maltosa Xu316
EMG45689      439 TTVTSFWTGTT--PLTRTYT-NPP------LNT-----DTVLVEEP 470  Candida maltosa Xu316
EMG45689      619 TTVTTFWTGIS--EVRSTRT-NGP------LQT-----DTVLVQVP 650  Candida maltosa Xu316
EMG49160      439 TTTTKFWTGSG--TTLITQT-NPP------LQT-----DTVLVEVP 470  Candida maltosa Xu316
XP_001524301  759 STFTSFWTGSA--TSLLTIT-QGP------GST-----DAVVKEYP 790  Lodderomyces elongisporus NRRL YB-4239
XP_001524301  651 ITLSSFWTGLG--TSISTLT-QGP------AGT-----DVIVKEYP 682  Lodderomyces elongisporus NRRL YB-4239
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