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pfam04969: CS 
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CS domain
The CS and CHORD (pfam04968) are fused into a single polypeptide chain in metazoans but are found in separate proteins in plants; this is thought to be indicative of an interaction between CS and CHORD. It has been suggested that the CS domain is a binding module for HSP90, implying that CS domain-containing proteins are involved in recruiting heat shock proteins to multiprotein assemblies. Two CS domains are found at the N-terminus of Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 19 (USP19), these domains may play a role in the interaction of USP19 with cellular inhibitor of apoptosis 2.
PSSM-Id: 398570
Aligned: 70 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 43.0134
Threshold Setting Gi: 75154229
Created: 20-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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1WH0_A        20 VKNDSYEKgPDSVVVHVYV-KEiCRDTSRVLFReqdftliFQTRDgnfLRLH-----------PGCgphttfrwqvkLRN 87  human
Q5M823        17 PWGQWYQT-LEEVFIEVQV-PP-GTRAQDIQCG-------LQSRH---VALAvggr----eilKGK-----------LFD 68  Norway rat
Q6DC89        17 AWGSWYQT-MEEVYIEVNV-PP-GTSAKEIKCN-------IGSKQ---IELRvkdq----qifKGK-----------LFG 68  zebrafish
Q584U3        25 GRYSFGQT-DTEVIVKVPL-PS-DTPTKMINVD-------VKVSS---LTIGmkgq---spliSGD-----------LYK 77  Trypanosoma brucei
Q6CBP8         6 EHYAWRQT-LQDITITFPV-PP-GTRGKQMDIK-------FTPTT---ISAGvvgq---ppvlQGD-----------LFG 58  Yarrowia lipoly...
Q4WN97        36 LPYKWTQT-IRDVDVTIPV-PA-NIKGRDLDVV-------LTKTK---IKVAikgq---ealiEGD-----------FPH 88  Aspergillus fum...
P17624        32 LPYKWTQT-IRDVDVTIPV-SA-NLKGRDLDVV-------LKKDS---IKVKvkgen-gevfiDGQ-----------FPH 86  Aspergillus nid...
NP_998356    171 EKYTWSQD-YTDVEVRVHVePD-IIKGRQVCVD-------LQSSR---VCVSvadggsrkvllDGE-----------FTH 227 zebrafish
Q24K01       186 ENYTWSQD-YTDLELKVPV-PKhVVKGKQVSVT-------LSSSS---IRVAvlegngervlmEGK-----------FTH 242 cattle
NP_001015778 173 KNYVWSQD-YTDVEIKVPV-PKsVIKGRQVSVD-------LRSSC---IRVAvregggervlvEGS-----------FTH 229 tropical clawed...
1WH0_A        88 LIEPEQCTFCFT-A-----SRIDICLRK 109 human
Q5M823        69 STIADEGTWTLEdR-----KMVRIVLTK 91  Norway rat
Q6DC89        69 STVCDEATWTLEdK-----KLIRIVLMK 91  zebrafish
Q584U3        78 PVKVDECTWCVEdK-----SVLVVTLVK 100 Trypanosoma brucei
Q6CBP8        59 KIAPEESTWTVEdQ-----REVTISIEK 81  Yarrowia lipolytica
Q4WN97        89 PIIVDESSWTLEtTsqppgKEVSVHLDK 116 Aspergillus fumigatus
P17624        87 PIKPSESSWTLEtTskppgKEVSIHLDK 114 Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4
NP_998356    228 RINTENSLWSLEpG-----RCVLLSLSK 250 zebrafish
Q24K01       243 KINTESSLWSLEpG-----KCVLVSLNK 265 cattle
NP_001015778 230 KINAETSLWSLEpG-----KCIVISLSK 252 tropical clawed frog
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