Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam04419: 4F5 
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4F5 protein family
Members of this family are short proteins that are rich in aspartate, glutamate, lysine and arginine. Although the function of these proteins is unknown, they are found to be ubiquitously expressed.
PSSM-Id: 398223
Aligned: 37 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 26.4163
Threshold Setting Gi: 156225462
Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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1WVK_A             11 GGNAQKSAMARAKNLEKAK-----AAGKGSQLEANKKAmS 45  thale cress
XP_739812           4 GSNACKRNQARERKTVE-------VKGGKSQIKANQEAlN 36  Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi
WGS:AAAA:OsI_24662  3 GGHGQKSKMARERNMEKN------KGAKGSQLEANKKAmN 36  long-grained rice
XP_001418532        3 GGNAQKSATARKKAMEKAQ-----KAGAGSQLAANAKAmS 37  Ostreococcus lucimarinus CCE9901
XP_001273653        1 MGNGAKAASKRERNAKDA------KGSAKSQLKVNEAAkD 34  Aspergillus clavatus NRRL 1
Q553T6              3 SGNGAKAQQKRERNLKRNEg----ASSAKSQLKTNEAAkT 38  Dictyostelium discoideum AX4
KIS69398            1 MGNGAKAQQKRERNAKAA------GGEAKSQKKTNEAArN 34  Ustilago maydis 521
Q5KLR0              1 MGNGAKAQAKRDRNTKGAA-----GKGDQSQLKSNAAAmT 35  Cryptococcus neoformans
EGZ77901            3 GGNGAKAAQKRERNAKNA------AAGPKSQLKTNAAAmN 36  Neurospora tetrasperma FGSC 2509
EDO47741            1 MTRGNQRELARAKNQKKQTgkkasEHDANKGQNLTDRK-Q 39  starlet sea anemone
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