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pfam03784: Cyclotide 
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Cyclotide family
This family contains a set of cyclic peptides with a variety of activities. The structure consists of a distorted triple-stranded beta-sheet and a cysteine-knot arrangement of the disulfide bonds. Cyclotides can be separated into two subfamilies, namely bracelet and moebius. The bracelet cyclotide subfamily tends to contain a larger number of positively charged residues and has a bracelet-like circularisation of the backbone. The moebius cyclotide subfamily contains a backbone twist due to a cis-Pro peptide bond and may conceptually be regarded as a molecular Moebius strip.
PSSM-Id: 397725
Aligned: 30 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 24.269
Threshold Setting Gi: 152032548
Created: 11-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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1R1F_A   2 F-CGETCRVIPvCtYSAALGCTCDDRsdgLCKRN 34  Palicourea condensata
Q30CB1  72 P-CGESCIFFP-C---FNPGCSCKDN---LCYYN 97  Hybanthus floribundus subsp. floribundus
P84648   5 Q-CAETCFIGK-C-YTEELGCTCTAF---LCMKN 32  Hybanthus floribundus
2GJ0_A   4 PaCGESCFKGK-C---YTPGCSCS-Ky-pLCAKN 31  Viola odorata
P85127   4 FnCGETCVLGT-C---YTPGCTCN-Ty-rVCTKD 31  Oldenlandia affinis
P85179   3 P-CGETCFTGK-C---YTPGCSC--Sy-pICKKI 28  Viola odorata
2KUK_A   1 --CGETCFTGT-C---YTNGCTCD-Pw-pVCTRN 26  Viola hederacea
P85133   3 PvCGESCFGGS-C---YTPGCSC--Tw-pICTRD 29  Oldenlandia affinis
P85186   3 PtCGETCFGGT-C---NTPGCTCDSSw-pICTHN 31  Viola odorata
P83839   3 PiCGESCFTGK-C---YTVQCSC--Sw-pVCTRN 29  Viola odorata
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