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pfam03271: EB1 
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EB1-like C-terminal motif
This motif is found at the C-terminus of proteins that are related to the EB1 protein. The EB1 proteins contain an N-terminal CH domain pfam00307. The human EB1 protein was originally discovered as a protein interacting with the C-terminus of the APC protein. This interaction is often disrupted in colon cancer, due to deletions affecting the APC C-terminus. Several EB1 orthologues are also included in this family. The interaction between EB1 and APC has been shown to have a potent synergistic effect on microtubule polymerization. Neither of EB1 or APC alone has this effect. It is thought that EB1 targets APC to the + ends of microtubules, where APC promotes microtubule polymerization. This process is regulated by APC phosphorylation by Cdc2, which disrupts APC-EB1 binding. Human EB1 protein can functionally substitute for the yeast EB1 homolog Mal3. In addition, Mal3 can substitute for human EB1 in promoting microtubule polymerization with APC.
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Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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5M97_B                         28 LERERDFYFNKLREIEILVqth-----------ltTSPMSMENmL--ERIQAILYS 70  Schizosaccharomyces po...
EGW35246                      232 LQIERNFYFNKLQDIEMIVqhileak--ehgksyeFADLDIFKlS--NKIQTILYA 283 Spathaspora passalidar...
CCE43260                      384 LQVERNFYFNKCRDIEILIqnie---------hneTLMSELDVlTllKKIEDTLYA 430 Candida parapsilosis
XP_001706073                  181 gQLESQFYFDKLHEIEIYMdqmnelmtqveiaepeDSPFYIKSvV--KKIEDILYA 234 Giardia lamblia ATCC 5...
XP_004037254                  201 sEIEKSFYFSKLKDIDFLVdvys---------elsQNDTKLHDlI--DKIRKILYt 245 Ichthyophthirius multi...
A0E6G5                        191 LKCERDFYYVKLKDLDGLMdq------------hlQQALTADQlC--KGIKEILYN 232 Paramecium tetraurelia
A0BWJ6                        189 LKQEREFYFLKFKELDNFIe--------------gASQLTQEQmQ--RGIKDILYc 228 Paramecium tetraurelia
A0BDM4                        190 LKQEKDYYFQKFKDLDFFIe--------------gASQLTQEQmY--KGIKDILYS 229 Paramecium tetraurelia
WGS:AAGF:cds.TTHERM_00558460A 240 LKDERNFYFSKIQSIDQMLdni-----------sdKNPMTINDiK--KYIKTILYS 282 Tetrahymena thermophil...
Q8IQA0                        254 MKQERNFYLSKLRAIDHIC----------------QKYNSGRDrVilEKITKIIYS 293 fruit fly
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