Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam02791: DDT 
DDT domain
The DDT domain is named after (DNA binding homeobox and Different Transcription factors) and is approximately 60 residues in length. Along with the WHIM motifs, it comprises an entirely alpha helical module found in diverse eukaryotic chromatin proteins. Based on the structure of Ioc3, this module is inferred to interact with nucleosomal linker DNA and the SLIDE domain of ISWI proteins. The resulting complex forms a protein ruler that measures out the spacing between two adjacent nucleosomes. In particular, the DDT domain, in combination with the WHIM1 and WHIM2 motifs form the SLIDE domain binding pocket.
PSSM-Id: 397084
Aligned: 159 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 32.8483
Threshold Setting Gi: 156200500
Created: 20-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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XP_002287018  420 HCVPDMLMVWDFLCTFCRTLSL-------EPIELDDFASALS--FQpeSreensqstDemgqssssssvpvyLSESHIAL 490  Thalassiosira...
XP_001636878   63 KAFADLLMVEEFVHNFGGALDIdpaaempS---ISDMQLSMLcqGEd------------------------vLLPLCQLL 115  starlet sea a...
EEB12794      692 QAFADTLMVFEFLHNFGETLGFdmd-slpT---LSNLQGALLndE---Ene-------------------eeLLSIMTHL 745  human body louse
EFA06977      941 KAFADILMVFEFLHNFGETLGFdm----eSLPTLDSLQQALMpnEHssEae-----eE--------------LFSVMTHL 997  red flour beetle
XP_021208327 1136 QAMADILQVYEFIHNFGQTLGFdld-cmpT---LSTLQAALLpnCNa-Dae-------------------eeLIQVLTQL 1191 domestic silk...
EFX81534      858 QALADILMLYEFLHTFGETLGFdme-slpS---LDSLQRALLydS---Eae-------------------eeLLSVMTHL 911  common water ...
XP_002033414  383 QAMADLLMVFEFLHNFGETLGFdme-slpS---LQNLHDALMsdSNa-Dae-------------------eeLLSVMTHL 438  Drosophila se...
Q17JN1       1103 QGFSDLLMVFEFLHNFGETLGFeme-tlpT---LQTLHAALTsdNAv-Eae-------------------eeLLSVMTHL 1158 yellow fever ...
XP_014245155  847 QAFADTLLVYEFLRNFGETLGFdme-slpT---LNSLQDALLgaNE--Dae-------------------eeLLSVITQL 901  bed bug
XP_018668490 1022 kATADVLMVLEFLHTFKDAILIdes-vipT---FEQLQRSLLndP---Eht-------------------gsLVQLTMAL 1075 vase tunicate
XP_002287018  491 LRLLLQD 497  Thalassiosira pseudonana CCMP1335
XP_001636878  116 LTQAMAD 122  starlet sea anemone
EEB12794      746 LVCAIED 752  human body louse
EFA06977      998 LVCAIED 1004 red flour beetle
XP_021208327 1192 LITAIED 1198 domestic silkworm
EFX81534      912 LVCSIED 918  common water flea
XP_002033414  439 LVCAIED 445  Drosophila sechellia
Q17JN1       1159 LVCAIED 1165 yellow fever mosquito
XP_014245155  902 VICGIED 908  bed bug
XP_018668490 1076 LHQCLCD 1082 vase tunicate
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