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pfam02597: ThiS 
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ThiS family
ThiS (thiaminS) is a 66 aa protein involved in sulphur transfer. ThiS is coded in the thiCEFSGH operon in E. coli. This family of proteins have two conserved Glycines at the COOH terminus. Thiocarboxylate is formed at the last G in the activation process. Sulphur is transferred from ThiI to ThiS in a reaction catalyzed by IscS. MoaD, a protein involved sulphur transfer in molybdopterin synthesis, is about the same length and shows limited sequence similarity to ThiS. Both have the conserved GG at the COOH end.
PSSM-Id: 396932
Aligned: 145 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 34.9546
Threshold Setting Gi: 74573717
Created: 20-May-2020
Updated: 7-Aug-2020
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Sequence Alignment
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1ZUD_2        3 ILFNDQAMQCAA--------GQTVHELLEQLDQRQ-----------------AGAALAINQQIVPReqwaQHIVQDGDQI 57  Escherichia coli...
3RPF_C        5 VRFFGPIKEENFfik--andLKELRAILQEKEGLKew--------------lGVCAIALNDHLIDNl---NTPLKDGDVI 65  Helicobacter pyl...
Q7MRM6        4 VEFLGPIGKADMele--vssLKELKEVLKKDQELSsw--------------lEDCAVAVNDTIVNSl---EVALRSGDRV 64  Wolinella succin...
Q7VK46        4 VDFLGPMSDIPSrele-artLYELKEILNQDETLRsw--------------lDISAVAVNDEIIEDl---SYPLSYGDKV 65  Helicobacter hep...
3DWM_A        5 VSIPTILRPHTGgqksvsasGDTLGAVISDLEANYsgiserlmdpsspgklhRFVNIYVNDEDVRFsgglATAIADGDSV 84  Mycobacterium tu...
Q82GG4        5 VRIPTILRTYTGgkaevpaqGATLAEVIADLEKNHtgiaarvl--ddqgklrRFVNVYVNDDDVRFeqglETVTPDGAGV 82  Streptomyces ave...
Q84HF7        3 ITVPTLMRNLTAnqktveaqGQTVRQVIDALEQQYpgiaarl---vegnkvhKFINIYINDDDIRFlqslDSAVAQHDQI 79  Pseudomonas fluo...
Q82SH5        5 VIIPTILRPLTHqqkhidmeGSRVSEIIDHMDQQYpgikekl---vangnahRFINIYVNDNDIRFqdglATSLRDGDVL 81  Nitrosomonas eur...
WP_009681732  5 VIVPTLLRPLTDgqkqvqaqGDTVRHIIEHLDSRYpgikarl---vkddqvhRFVNIYVNDDDIRFadglATPIRPGDQL 81  Pseudomonas
Q7BNS2        5 VIVPTLLRPLTNgektvftqGNSVAEAIENLEHQFpglkarl---vsaehvhRFVNIYVNEDDIRFsdglNTPLKAGDSL 81  Pseudomonas stut...
1ZUD_2       58 LLFQVIAGG 66  Escherichia coli K-12
3RPF_C       66 SLLPPVCGG 74  Helicobacter pylori 26695
Q7MRM6       65 SLLPPVCGG 73  Wolinella succinogenes
Q7VK46       66 ALLPPVCGG 74  Helicobacter hepaticus
3DWM_A       85 TILPAVAGG 93  Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
Q82GG4       83 SIIPAVAGG 91  Streptomyces avermitilis
Q84HF7       80 TILPAVAGG 88  Pseudomonas fluorescens
Q82SH5       82 TILPAVAGG 90  Nitrosomonas europaea
WP_009681732 82 TVLPAVAGG 90  Pseudomonas
Q7BNS2       82 TVLPAVAGG 90  Pseudomonas stutzeri
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