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pfam01936: NYN 
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NYN domain
These domains are found in the eukaryotic proteins typified by the Nedd4-binding protein 1 and the bacterial YacP-like proteins (Nedd4-BP1, YacP nucleases; NYN domains). The NYN domain shares a common protein fold with two other previously characterized groups of nucleases, namely the PIN (PilT N-terminal) and FLAP/5' --> 3' exonuclease superfamilies. These proteins share a common set of 4 acidic conserved residues that are predicted to constitute their active site. Based on the conservation of the acidic residues and structural elements Aravind and colleagues suggest that PIN and NYN domains are likely to bind only a single metal ion, unlike the FLAP/5' --> 3' exonuclease superfamily, which binds two metal ions. Based on conserved gene neighborhoods Aravind and colleagues infer that the bacterial members are likely to be components of the processome/degradsome that process tRNAs or ribosomal RNAs.
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Created: 26-Apr-2021
Updated: 29-Sep-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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6FDL_A          6 PIGvfwdiencsvpsgR-SATAVVQRIREkff--kgHREA-EFXCVCDiskenKEVI-QEL---NNCQVTVAHINAT--- 74   human
Q9FJS6         33 ATSvwwdinrcplpndV-DVRRVSPFIKRaleklgyTGAL-TTTAIGIl----TDVPhDFLtqvYSSGIAIHHIPL---- 102  thale cress
Q2QXB9         54 KVSvwwdfencnlpngV-NPGRVAPRVTAalraagiRGPL-SITAFGDv----VQLArPSQedlVATGVSISHVPNScvr 127  Japanese rice
Q9FIC2         72 RVSvwwdflscnlpvdT-NVYKVAQSITAairnsgiKGPI-TITAFGDv----LQLPrSNQdalSATGISLTHVPNg--- 142  thale cress
Q9FGG2         61 RVPvwwdfenchlpsgA-NVFKLAQTITSavricgiKGPI-TITAYGDm----IQLSrTNQealFATGINLTHVPQg--- 131  thale cress
Q9FNP7         81 KTSvwwdiencevpkgC-DPHGVAQSIRSvlsksnfCGPL-TIYAYGDt----NQIPsSVQqalSSTGVSLNHVPAg--- 151  thale cress
Q7XIX3          8 KTSvwwdiencqvpraC-DPNLIAQNMSSalaaagyTGPV-SISAYGDi----GRIGnAVThalSSTGISLNHVPAg--- 78   Japanese rice
XP_003626041   12 KISvwwdiencqvpryFnDANSIAQNITTalfnsnfHGPL-SISSYGDt----TRIPsHVQhalSSTGISLHHVPAg--- 83   barrel medic
Q9LEX7         82 KTQvwwdtenspvprgF-DAYRIGGNIRNalnengyRGPI-SIRAFGNm----RLIPtPIQlalTSTGIDLYHVPGNkvg 155  thale cress
Q1G3N0         81 KTEiwwdvdscrlpdsV-DPYRLVGNLRKslnekgyRGPItSINAFGNt----NRIDeTTMlalSATGVYTRHIPDg--- 152  thale cress
Q9FJS6        103 -----------EEfKTQYGKFLGSI------------SGLIFRVGSdsASrvrFHFPGPYLFwE----SLLA-------- 147  thale cress
Q2QXB9        128 spfptsippcgGK-NSSDRSFMADLVYWIAQN--PppAHFFLISGD--KD---FANILHRLRm-SNy-NILLaspgT-AT 196  Japanese rice
Q9FIC2        143 -----------GK-NSADRSLITDLMCWVSQN--PppAHLLLISSD--KE---FASVLHRLRm-NNy-NILLas--ksSA 199  thale cress
Q9FGG2        132 -----------GK-NSTDRSLITEIMCWVSQN--PppAHLFLISSD--SD---FANVLHRLRm-RNy-NILLacyeE-TT 189  thale cress
Q9FNP7        152 -----------VK-DGSDKKLLVDIMLWAMDN--QapANIMLISGD--KD---FSYLLHKLGm-KRy-NILLarpeKAST 210  thale cress
Q7XIX3         79 -----------IK-DASDKKILVDMLFWAIDN--PppANYLLISGD--RD---FSNALHKLTm-RRy-NILLaqppNVSQ 137  Japanese rice
XP_003626041   84 -----------AK-DASDKKILVDMLLWAIDN--PapANYLLISGD--RD---FSNALHQLRm-RRy-NILLaqpfCASK 142  barrel medic
Q9LEX7        156 s-------rktIK-DASDFKIIGHVLTWIALNH-PqpSNLMVITGD--RD---YSVALHQLRc-RSf-NILLacpeSSTS 219  thale cress
Q1G3N0        153 -----------RK-ESAHKKILVDLLCFGMDNI-QqpCNIMLISGN--RD---YSDSLHQLKs-RLf-NILLaqpeDFAS 212  thale cress
6FDL_A        133 SEALLHHAN-ELI 144  human
Q9FJS6        148 ---SLRADAmGSE 157  thale cress
Q2QXB9        197 TSVLCSAAtimwp 209  Japanese rice
Q9FIC2        200 PGVLCSAAsimwd 212  thale cress
Q9FGG2        190 LGVLCSAAsimwd 202  thale cress
Q9FNP7        211 P--LIAAAktvwl 221  thale cress
Q7XIX3        138 A--LTAAAksvwl 148  Japanese rice
XP_003626041  143 P--LTAAAkivwq 153  barrel medic
Q9LEX7        220 TA-LLRAAtsvwk 231  thale cress
Q1G3N0        213 TP-LIHAAstvwi 224  thale cress
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