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pfam00855: PWWP 
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PWWP domain
The PWWP domain is named after a conserved Pro-Trp-Trp-Pro motif. The domain binds to Histone-4 methylated at lysine-20, H4K20me, suggesting that it is methyl-lysine recognition motif. Removal of two conserved aromatic residues in a hydrophobic cavity created by this domain within the full-length protein, Pdp1, abolishes the interaction o f the protein with H4K20me3. In fission yeast, Set9 is the sole enzyme that catalyzes all three states of H4K20me, and Set9-mediated H4K20me is required for efficient recruitment of checkpoint protein Crb2 to sites of DNA damage. The methylation of H4K20 is involved in a diverse array of cellular processes, such as organising higher-order chromatin, maintaining genome stability, and regulating cell-cycle progression.
PSSM-Id: 425910
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Created: 26-Apr-2021
Updated: 29-Sep-2021
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Sequence Alignment
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2B8A_A         13 G-DLVFAKMKGYP-HWPARIDEMPEAAVKStaNK-------------------YQVFFFGTHET-AFLg------PKD-L 63   Norway rat
XP_002900556    8 N-SVGWYILEGYP-WWPVYICDVFKLRPTL--HLlgsghkkilkkardfpedfIVVYYFG-SHDfSLVgl----kKGV-L 77   Phytophthora ...
EGC39054       11 GiSLGFGKFTGYP-VWPCRTAFETEVGPNI--KSkkk-------------ensILVYFFG-SKDyAYIs------KSS-F 66   Dictyostelium...
Q54GE4          7 G-EVFSAT-YGQWgYWPVRIAKHSEVSGNT--LKgkk--------------dnILVYFFG-SHDyGFVk------DSQ-F 60   Dictyostelium...
Q4Q3Q3         12 N-SWVWVRQSGYP-WWPAMVLDPAQAGQDP--PEg-----------------tDVVLLCGPSASaTLVfassadaEQ--L 68   Leishmania major
CAM40842       12 N-SWVWVKQHGYP-WWPAMVVDPAQTGQDL--PEd-----------------sNVMLLCGPSTSaTLVfassanaEQ--L 68   Leishmania br...
2_pfamImport    1 G-ELVWGKVHGFS-WWPGLVMPWKSKSSPA--GM-------------------RKVEWFGDGTF-SKI-------STEgL 49  
EEN64905      469 G-DIVWGKIHGFP-WWPGRVMSITVSRAEN--GEivr--------------qdAHVEWFASSTT-SHIa------CST-L 522  Florida lancelet
EDV22734      358 G-DIVWGKVQGHP-WWPGRIVSLDATVEEQ--HLyp---------------ckAVVAWYN-SNTcSIIs------ARR-L 410  Trichoplax ad...
EEB17038      646 G-DVVWGKIHGFP-WWPGKVLSITKSLKDD--EAyas--------------pqAHVAWYGSSTS-SLMs------CDQ-L 699  human body louse
2B8A_A         64 FPYEE-SKEKFGKPNKRK----------GFSEGLWEIENNPT 94   Norway rat
XP_002900556   78 RPWDC-AQKDQFLKGHPQhlakkkgvmeDLTEAVQEVEEYLS 118  Phytophthora infestans T30-4
EGC39054       67 LPYDE-ANIEKYSISKNK----------QHQQGMEEIKNWNK 97   Dictyostelium purpureum
Q54GE4         61 KSYDP-NDLHKQKFKLSDv--------kKLQKSIEEANEWLK 93   Dictyostelium discoideum AX4
Q4Q3Q3         69 RPYHG-AA-EDAELIEAGrsd------esCAAAIEEMLAAVA 102  Leishmania major
CAM40842       69 RPYHG-AI-EDAELIEAGrsd------esCAAAIEEMIAAVS 102  Leishmania braziliensis MHOM/BR/75/M2904
2_pfamImport   50 VSFGV-FSKCFCKDSFSSl--------pLYKDAIFQIIELAA 82  
EEN64905      523 SPYLEdFKQRFNKKKRG-----------PYRRAVKIASEACQ 553  Florida lancelet
EDV22734      411 YDF------DESYDLRHMpkr-----rgAYQKAVEDALLASR 441  Trichoplax adhaerens
EEB17038      700 NPFLEtFQMRYNKKKRG-----------PYKEAIKQATSEAK 730  human body louse
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