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pfam00806: PUF 
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Pumilio-family RNA binding repeat
Puf repeats (aka PUM-HD, Pumilio homology domain) are necessary and sufficient for sequence specific RNA binding in fly Pumilio and worm FBF-1 and FBF-2. Both proteins function as translational repressors in early embryonic development by binding sequences in the 3' UTR of target mRNAs (e.g. the nanos response element (NRE) in fly Hunchback mRNA, or the point mutation element (PME) in worm fem-3 mRNA). Other proteins that contain Puf domains are also plausible RNA binding proteins. Puf domains usually occur as a tandem repeat of 8 domains. The Pfam model does not necessarily recognize all 8 repeats in all sequences; some sequences appear to have 5 or 6 repeats on initial analysis, but further analysis suggests the presence of additional divergent repeats. Structures of PUF repeat proteins show they consist of a two helix structure.
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Sequence Alignment
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6NOD_C        29 ALLKFAKDQVGSRFIQQELAS-S-Kd-RfEKDsIFDEVV 64  Caenorhabditis elegans
XP_020082233 536 KVVPMCIDQYGCHVIKKILEY-C-DdlK-TQQiLMREIL 571 pineapple
XP_656228    226 TFFIISKNIHGTRSIQKLIS--CyStkE-EQNmLINVIS 261 Entamoeba histolytica HM-1:IMSS
PIN01339     325 SFKDICIDMHGTRAVQKLLDH-L-Tt-R-EQKsLVISIL 359 Handroanthus impetiginosus
XP_013934458 448 QFVRIALDAHGTRALQKLVE--C-TktQaESDiIVQSLA 483 Ogataea parapolymorpha DL-1
XP_002492119 429 KFVRIALDPHGTRALQKLVE--CiDteE-ESEiIIDALS 464 Komagataella phaffii GS115
XP_020070040 126 SFVTIALNPHGTRALQKLVEL-L-Ns-K-EEAkLVVEAL 160 Cyberlindnera jadinii NRRL Y-1542
XP_011276273 469 QFVSIALDPHGTRALQKLVEC-I-Nt-Q-KEAeIIVESL 503 Wickerhamomyces ciferrii
KZM92553     269 QLVNICCNPHGTRVVQKLMENlS-Sp-R-QVSvLMAVIS 304 Daucus carota subsp. sativus
XP_013021691 550 DVVGICSDLHGTRAMQNIIDK-L-Ts-N-EQIsLLMRIL 584 Schizosaccharomyces cryophilus OY26
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