Conserved Protein Domain Family

pfam00379: Chitin_bind_4 
Insect cuticle protein
Many insect cuticular proteins include a 35-36 amino acid motif known as the R&R consensus. The extensive conservation of this region led to the suggestion that it functions to bind chitin. Provocatively, it has no sequence similarity to the well-known cysteine-containing chitin-binding domain found in chitinases and some peritrophic membrane proteins. Chitin binding has been shown experimentally for this region. Thus arthropods have two distinct classes of chitin binding proteins, those with the chitin-binding domain found in lectins, chitinases and peritrophic membranes (cysCBD) and those with the cuticular protein chitin-binding domain (non-cysCBD).
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Q17BL9             41 FQYSYESGNGIKV-----EDQGElkvvevpkedgtGTEQAQVSVQkGSYSYNAPDGTPITLQW-TA-DEN-GF 105 yellow fever mosq...
Q5TUX2             64 YEYKYEVKDP---------EKQLffd-------knEAGDTAGKVT-GRYSVWLPDGRLMTIKY-IV-DKEgGF 117 Anopheles gambiae...
XP_002018000       89 YEFEYAVQDPETA-----NDYAH------------KASSDGDVVT-GEYRVQMPDGRTQVVRY-TAdWKT-GY 141 Drosophila persim...
Q16XV2            157 YEFTYEVDDE-DRdlsfgHEEMR----------------DGDYTT-GKYNVLLPDGRRQIVEY-EA-DHK-GY 208 yellow fever mosq...
ETN66893          108 YSFEYNVQDFASGnd-fgHMESR----------------DGDRTV-GRYYVLLPDGRKQVVNY-EA-DQN-GY 159 Anopheles darlingi
Q9W079             52 YSHQYHISDVASRvh-ilHREQR----------------HGDYVS-GSYSHLEPSGHIRSVHYeVR-GANrGF 105 fruit fly
Q2M099             44 YNFSYLSEDGTHR-----REEAVlr--------npGTDNEYLEIS-GSYSYFDANGQEVTVTY-KA-DDH-GF 99  Drosophila pseudo...
EDW36302           42 YNSQYSTADGTSR-----QEEASvv--------dkDTEDEALEVK-GSYKYINEDGQEVEVHY-TA-GKN-GF 97  Drosophila persim...
Q9VYC2            108 YEFRYQLDNG-NT------RYERayw-------lpVGKDLVLAKK-GYYSVPLPNDKYSTVFY-TA-DHR-GY 162 fruit fly
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