Conserved Protein Domain Family

NF035944: PEPxxWA-CTERM 
PEPxxWA-CTERM sorting domain
This variant form of PEP-CTERM sorting signal shows unusually strong conservation across much of the hydrophobic transmembrane segment, including an unusual Trp (W) residue at position 6 of the seed alignment. The Trp is replaced by Tyr (Y) in a number of proteins hit by the HMM. The top-scoring members of this family tend to occur in Sphingomonas and related genera, encoded by genomes that also encode the sorting enzyme XrtV (exosortase V).
PSSM-Id: 411533
Aligned: 155 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 50.1586
Created: 19-Oct-2021
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
Aligned Rows:
Sequence Alignment
Format: Row Display: Color Bits: Type Selection:
WP_082543312 363 VPEPTTWAMMLVGFGLIGGAIRygRR 388 Sphingomonas sp. Leaf339
WP_121155528 174 APEPATWAMMIGGFGVAGGTLR--RR 197 Sphingomonas sp. YZ-8
WP_111277266 138 IPEPATWALMIGGFGMAGATVR--RR 161 Phenylobacterium kunshanense
WP_096367755 208 APEPATWAMMLVGFGLIGALLR--NR 231 Sphingomonadaceae
WP_127742704 215 APEPMTWMMMLVGFGLIGAAVR--RR 238 Sphingomonas sp. CCP-7
WP_068878398 190 VPEPTTWALMIMGFGSAGAMIR--RR 213 unclassified Phenylobacterium
WP_121151272 177 APEPATWAMMIFGFGAAGVAMR--RR 200 Sphingomonas sp. YZ-8
WP_055982896 179 VPEPATWALMIMGFGAAGAALR--RK 202 Sphingomonas sp. Leaf412
WP_014077595 168 IPEPATWAMMIGGLGAAGAMLR--RR 191 Sphingobium sp. SYK-6
WP_068878896 225 VPEPGTWALMILGFGAAGGMLR--RR 248 unclassified Phenylobacterium
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