Conserved Protein Domain Family

NF033817: Mplas_variab_LP 
variable surface lipoprotein signal domain
This HMM describes a homology domain of lipoprotein signal peptides restricted to the genus Mycoplasma, and found in paralogous families that typically are associated with antigenic phase variation, as expression of some members of the family is turned on, others turned off, by the means promoter region modifications by site-specific DNA invertases. The avg family of Mycoplasma agalactiae represents one such family of lipoproteins.
PSSM-Id: 411391
Aligned: 75 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 28.7651
Created: 20-Oct-2021
Updated: 25-Oct-2021
Aligned Rows:
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Sequence Alignment
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WP_012855487   1 MKKsKKILLTMGvALPLLasTPLVAAGCVKT 31  Mycoplasma hominis
WP_013954697   1 MKK-NKLLLSLG-SLSIFsaIPFVAAKCDNT 29  Mycoplasmopsis bovis
WP_004024413   1 MKR-TKLLLSLG-SLSVFsaIPFIAAKCDDT 29  Mycoplasmopsis agalactiae
WP_011949431   1 MKR-NKLLLSFG-SLSVFsaIPFIAAKCDDT 29  Mycoplasma agalactiae
WP_013954974   1 MKR--KFILGLG-AISAFaaIPMVAATCGVS 28  Mycoplasmopsis bovis
WP_011949749   1 MKR--KFILGLG-AISTLaaIPTIAATCGVS 28  Mycoplasmopsis agalactiae
WP_004023998   1 MKR--KFILGLG-TVSTLaaIPTIAATCEVS 28  Mycoplasmopsis agalactiae
WP_004420655   1 MKR--KFLLSIS-AISALsaMPLMAAACGNK 28  Mycoplasma bovigenitalium
WP_013021889   1 MKMnRKILAGLL-ATSSFatFPLLAAKCGAT 30  Mycoplasmopsis agalactiae
WP_004024402   1 MKInRKILFGLL-TASSFtaVPLLAAKCDDK 30  Mycoplasmopsis agalactiae
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