NCBI BioSystems Database
How to list the genes, proteins, and small molecules that are involved in a biological pathway

Once you are viewing a record of interest in the NCBI BioSystems Database, simply use the links menus or folder tabs to see lists of components by type.

  • the data processing pipeline categorizes and lists the genes, proteins, and small molecules that are components in a biosystem.

  • these components are accessible from the "Related information" menu that appears in the right hand margin of an individual biosystem record.

  • the components are also accessible through the folder tabs that appear near the bottom of the biosystem record. As noted in the illustration below, the folder tabs may present the data differently than the displays produced by the "Related information" menu and/or may provide additional functions not available through the links menus.

  • the help document provides tips on how to save biosystem component lists and save an archival copy of biosystem record

Illustration of sample biosystem record (bsid82991: human arachidonic acid metabolism), showing the folder tabs that list biosystem components such as genes, proteins, and small molecules. Click on the image to open the live biosystem record.

Revised 19 September 2016