NCBI BioSystems Database
How to find the pathways in which a specific small molecule (e.g., salicylic acid) is involved

Search the NCBI BioSystems Database directly to retrieve biosystems that include a specific chemical name or CID as a component

  • search the BioSystems database for CID 338, salicylic acid, and restrict your search to the CID field. For example, enter: 338[CID]. That will retrieve the biosystems which include only that specific compound, not similar compounds, as a component

Search the PubChem Compound database for a small molecule of interest, expand your search to also include related molecules, then link to BioSystems records that include any of the compounds as a component

  • retrieve a record for a drug (e.g., Compound ID 338) from the PubChem Compound database

  • follow the link on that record for "Related Structures/Similar Compounds"

  • on the list of compounds retrieved, activate the checkboxes for the compounds of interest and follow the link for "Other Links/BioSystems."
Revised 19 September 2016