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Instructions for Linux and UNIX

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System Requirements

The current version of Sequin works with the following UNIX variants:

  • Solaris/Sparc
  • Solaris/Intel
  • Linux
  • SGI Irix5.X
  • SGI Irix6.2 and higher
  • DEC Alpha OSF1/Digital Unix

Downloading Sequin

  1. Create an installation directory for sequin using the UNIX command mkdir, or using your graphical file manager.
  2. Clicking on the link corresponding to your version of UNIX, and the type of compression you prefer. See Notes below for help in choosing compression type.
    Linux sequin.linux.tar.gz
    SGI Irix
  3. Your Web browser may show a dialog box asking if you want to run the program, or save it to disk. Choose Save to disk... and save the file to your installation directory.
  4. If your Web browser can't download the file for some reason, see Troubleshooting. If the browser automatically downloads the file without asking for a directory to save to, find the downloaded file and move it to the installation directory.

Installing Sequin

Follow these instructions to install Sequin on UNIX:

  1. Create an installation directory for the program; for example, C:\Program Files\Sequin. This directory may be anywhere on any hard drive in your system.
  2. In the installation directory, type:
    gunzip sequin.*.tar.gz
  3. Type:
    tar -xvf sequin.*.tar
    This command will create a number of files and directories within the installation directory.
  4. Run an X window manager, if one is not already running. Note that your system must be configured for the appropriate version of the X Window System (X11R4 or X11R5).
  5. Start sequin by clicking the sequin icon ion the installation directory.

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Revised July 27, 2011