NCBI C++ Toolkit Cross Reference


#include <ncbi_pch.hpp> #include <objects/general/Date_std.hpp> #include <serial/objistr.hpp> #include <serial/objcopy.hpp> #include <serial/serial.hpp> USING_NCBI_SCOPE; USING_SCOPE(ncbi::objects); class CDemoHook : public CReadClassMemberHook { public: virtual void ReadClassMember(CObjectIStream& strm, const CObjectInfoMI& passed_info) { #if 1 DefaultRead(strm, passed_info); #else #if 1 // call DefaultRead to read member data, or DefaultSkip to skip it DefaultSkip(strm, passed_info); #endif #if 0 // read the object into local buffer // this data will be discarded when this function terminates // so the class member of the object being read will be invalid CObjectInfo obj(passed_info.GetMemberType()); strm.ReadObject(obj); unique_ptr<CObjectOStream> out(CObjectOStream::Open(eSerial_AsnText, "stdout", eSerial_StdWhenStd)); out->WriteObject(obj); #endif #if 0 // or copy it into stdout unique_ptr<CObjectOStream> out(CObjectOStream::Open(eSerial_AsnText, "stdout", eSerial_StdWhenStd)); CObjectStreamCopier copier(strm, *out); copier.CopyObject(passed_info.GetMemberType().GetTypeInfo()); #endif #if 0 // or read it into delay buffer strm.StartDelayBuffer(); DefaultSkip(strm, passed_info); CRef<CByteSource> data = strm.EndDelayBuffer(); #endif // get information about the member // typeinfo of the parent class (Date-std) CObjectTypeInfo oti = passed_info.GetClassType(); // typeinfo and data of the parent class const CObjectInfo& oi = passed_info.GetClassObject(); // typeinfo of the member (Int4) CObjectTypeInfo omti = passed_info.GetMemberType(); // typeinfo and data of the member CObjectInfo om = passed_info.GetMember(); // index of the member in parent class TMemberIndex mi = passed_info.GetMemberIndex(); // information about the member, including its name (year) const CMemberInfo* minfo = passed_info.GetMemberInfo(); #endif } }; int main(int argc, char** argv) { char asn[] = "Date-std ::= { year 1998, month 1, day 2, season \"winter\" }"; CNcbiIstrstream iss(asn); unique_ptr<CObjectIStream> in(CObjectIStream::Open(eSerial_AsnText, iss)); CObjectTypeInfo(CType<CDate_std>()).FindMember("year") .SetLocalReadHook(*in, new CDemoHook); CDate_std my_date; *in >> my_date; return 0; }

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