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#ifndef OBJTOOLS_FORMAT_ITEMS___REFERENCE_ITEM__HPP #define OBJTOOLS_FORMAT_ITEMS___REFERENCE_ITEM__HPP /* $Id: reference_item.hpp 76492 2017-02-13 18:26:43Z kans $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Author: Aaron Ucko, NCBI * Mati Shomrat * * File Description: * Reference item for flat-file generator * */ #include <corelib/ncbistd.hpp> #include <objects/biblio/Cit_book.hpp> #include <objects/seq/Pubdesc.hpp> #include <objtools/format/items/item_base.hpp> BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE BEGIN_SCOPE(objects) class CSubmit_block; class CSeq_loc; class CSeq_feat; class CAuth_list; class CCit_art; class CCit_gen; class CCit_jour; class CCit_let; class CCit_pat; class CCit_proc; class CCit_sub; class CMedline_entry; class CPub; class CPub_set; class CDate; class CAffil; class CBioseqContext; class IFormatter; class NCBI_FORMAT_EXPORT CReferenceItem : public CFlatItem { public: enum ECategory { eUnknown, // none of the below ePublished, // published paper eUnpublished, // unpublished paper eSubmission // direct submission }; enum EPubType { ePub_not_set, ePub_sub, ePub_gen, ePub_jour, ePub_book, ePub_book_art, ePub_thesis, ePub_pat }; typedef ECategory TCategory; typedef EPubType TPubType; typedef vector< CRef<CReferenceItem> > TReferences; typedef list<string> TStrList; typedef int TSeqid; typedef CPubdesc::TReftype TReftype; /// constructors CReferenceItem(const CSeqdesc& desc, CBioseqContext& ctx); CReferenceItem(const CSeq_feat& feat, CBioseqContext& ctx, const CSeq_loc* loc = NULL); CReferenceItem(const CSubmit_block& sub, CBioseqContext& ctx); /// destructor ~CReferenceItem(); /// format void Format(IFormatter& formatter, IFlatTextOStream& text_os) const; TPubType GetPubType (void) const { return m_PubType; } TCategory GetCategory (void) const { return m_Category; } const CPubdesc& GetPubdesc (void) const { return *m_Pubdesc; } TReftype GetReftype (void) const; const CSeq_loc& GetLoc (void) const { return *m_Loc; } int GetSerial (void) const { return m_Serial; } // Date bool IsSetDate (void) const { return m_Date.NotEmpty(); } const CDate& GetDate (void) const { return *m_Date; } //Authors bool IsSetAuthors (void) const { return m_Authors.NotEmpty(); } const CAuth_list& GetAuthors (void) const { return *m_Authors; } bool IsSetBook (void) const { return m_Book.NotEmpty(); } const CCit_book& GetBook (void) const { return *m_Book; } bool IsSetPatent (void) const { return m_Patent.NotEmpty(); } const CCit_pat& GetPatent (void) const { return *m_Patent; } TSeqid GetPatSeqid (void) const { return m_PatentId; } bool IsSetGen (void) const { return m_Gen.NotEmpty(); } const CCit_gen& GetGen (void) const { return *m_Gen; } bool IsSetSub (void) const { return m_Sub.NotEmpty(); } const CCit_sub& GetSub (void) const { return *m_Sub; } bool IsSetJournal (void) const { return m_Journal.NotEmpty(); } const CCit_jour& GetJournal (void) const { return *m_Journal; } int GetPMID (void) const { return m_PMID; } int GetMUID (void) const { return m_MUID; } const string& GetPII (void) const { return m_ELocationPII; } const string& GetTitle (void) const { return m_Title; } const string& GetUniqueStr (void) const; bool IsJustUids (void) const { return m_JustUids; } bool IsElectronic (void) const { return m_Elect; } const string& GetConsortium(void) const { return m_Consortium; } const string& GetRemark (void) const { return m_Remark; } void SetLoc(const CConstRef<CSeq_loc>& loc); void SetRemark( const CPubdesc::TFig* new_fig, const CPubdesc::TMaploc *new_maploc, const CPubdesc::TPoly_a *new_poly_a ); // test if matches publication(s) bool Matches(const CPub_set& ps) const; bool Matches(const CPub& pub) const; // sort, merge duplicates and cleans up remaining items static void Rearrange(TReferences& refs, CBioseqContext& ctx); // get names from authors list static void GetAuthNames(const CAuth_list& alp, TStrList& authors); // format author list static void FormatAuthors(const CAuth_list& alp, string& auth); // format affiliation static void FormatAffil(const CAffil& affil, string& result, bool gen_sub = false); static void ChangeMedlineAuthorsToISO( CRef<CPub> pub ); private: CReferenceItem(const CReferenceItem& value); CReferenceItem& operator=(const CReferenceItem& value); void x_GatherInfo(CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CPub& pub, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_gen& gen, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_sub& sub, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CMedline_entry& mle, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_art& art, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_jour& jour, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_book& book, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_pat& pat, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_let& man, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_Init(const CCit_proc& proc, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_InitProc(const CCit_book& book, CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_AddAuthors(const CAuth_list& auth); void x_AddImprint(const CImprint& imp, CBioseqContext& ctx); // Genbank format specific void x_GatherRemark(CBioseqContext& ctx); void x_CreateUniqueStr(void) const; void x_CleanData(void); void x_CapitalizeTitleIfNecessary(void); static bool x_StringIsJustCapitalLetters( const string & str ); // data TPubType m_PubType; TCategory m_Category; CConstRef<CPubdesc> m_Pubdesc; CConstRef<CAuth_list> m_Authors; CConstRef<CCit_book> m_Book; CConstRef<CCit_pat> m_Patent; TSeqid m_PatentId; CConstRef<CCit_gen> m_Gen; CConstRef<CCit_sub> m_Sub; CConstRef<CCit_jour> m_Journal; CConstRef<CSeq_loc> m_Loc; CConstRef<CDate> m_Date; int m_PMID; int m_MUID; string m_ELocationPII; int m_Serial; mutable string m_UniqueStr; bool m_JustUids; string m_Title; bool m_Elect; string m_Consortium; string m_Remark; // genbank specific }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // INLINE METHODS inline const string& CReferenceItem::GetUniqueStr(void) const { // supress creation if other identifiers exist. if (m_MUID == 0 && m_PMID == 0) { x_CreateUniqueStr(); } return m_UniqueStr; } inline CReferenceItem::TReftype CReferenceItem::GetReftype(void) const { return (m_Pubdesc.NotEmpty()) ? m_Pubdesc->GetReftype() : CPubdesc::eReftype_seq; } /* inline string CReferenceItem::x_GetURL(int id) { return "" + NStr::IntToString(id) + "&form=6&db=m&Dopt=r"; } */ END_SCOPE(objects) END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif /* OBJTOOLS_FORMAT_ITEMS___REFERENCE_ITEM__HPP */

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